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John Gosselin claims Kate ‘isolated’ from his kids and is against a reunion special (exclusive)

John Gosselin claims Kate 'isolated' from his kids and is against a reunion special (exclusive)

He also claimed that his ex shut down the idea of a reunion special.

John Gosselin is opening up about his family. ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke with John Tuesday and the 45-year-old former reality star about his kids, life today, and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

John and Kate were married from 1999 to 2009 and have eight children together: 18-year-old sextuplets – Alexis, Aiden, Joel, Leah, Hannah and Colin – and 21-year-old twins, Cara and Madeline.

ET’s conversation with John coincided with the sextuplets’ 18th birthday, a day that meant a lot to him, as it marked the end of his custody with Kate.

“I’m free now in the aspect that I have adult kids… I have my own business and now it’s time for me to move on. Dating, moving on with my life. It’s like starting over too much,” he said . “… there is no more custody court. It’s over. We’re done today. It’s over… This weight has been taken off my shoulders… It’s just a huge relief. “

As of August 2021, Hannah and Colin are living with John full time, while the other sextuplets are living with Kate. Cara and Madeline are both out of college. According to John, he doesn’t have an “open relationship” with his children, except for Hannah and Colin, something they’re hoping will change thanks to the sextuplets’ milestone birthdays.

,[Communicating with] Kids living with Kate are very difficult, because I have no open relationship with her,” he said. [Hannah] communicates with them. He has really good relationships with the other kids. I’ve been taken away from those kids.”

John alleges that it is Kate who has struggled with her children.

“I think it’s a really bad decision on Kate’s part, because she separated me from those kids,” he claimed. “I think it was a poor parenting decision. It would have been a lot better if she had been more open with them and explained things better.”

Now that they’re 18, John claimed, “they’re going to learn all this and how it all happened.”

“They’re going to find out … find out who [their] There are parents, and what happened in the past, and how relationships are built, and how relationships fail,” he said. “Sometimes you hide those things from your kids… sometimes those things.” It’s hard to tell your child, because you’re afraid they’re not mature enough to understand those things.”

As for Maddie and Cara, John said, “I messaged Maddie and Cara. I have done so, but never got a response. I messaged Maddie and Cara on their birthdays and never got a response.” Didn’t get it.”

“It’s terrible,” he said of not being in contact with some of his children. “Of course I miss them. That’s why I post things on my Instagram, like, throwbacks, tbt. It’s bitter, but [Hannah] And Colin lives with me, so I just focus on him. Now, with the other four being adults, perhaps they will know what the truth is and what has happened and maturity steps in. Maybe they’ll discover the truth or they’ll ask Hannah or Colin.”

As for what split John and Kate in the first place, John now claims the network covered what he said was the real reason their 10-year marriage ended.

“Why did the divorce happen? Because a certain person left me for a certain person,” claimed John.

“I knew,” claimed John of the alleged affair. “I was like, ‘Finish it.'”

Kate has always denied having an extramarital affair, and has accused her ex of being her one. John has denied those allegations.

At the end of the day, John said, “I think divorce was inevitable because of personality.”

“I thought in the fourth season that I was heading for divorce, because I felt like I wanted to leave the show, and she wanted to keep the show going, and that’s what happened anyway,” he said. john and kate plus 8, the reality show that brought his family into the limelight. “It was getting more commercialized. I moved back to my hometown and just wanted more of my life. She wanted to continue filming.”

“I thought she wanted to be such a big, big star on TV and continue to use that to film the kids and build this venture,” John said. “I thought if you wanted to do TV, you should just keep doing TV on your own and let them have kids. We just had differences.”

There seems to be a difference of opinion in the years following their split as to whether or not the family should attend a TV reunion, something that John said he would “absolutely” love to do.

He claimed, “I asked about this. I wanted to do a sort of reunion, but I got shot between Kate and some of the other siblings.” “I always take the initiative. Maybe not a TV reunion, but maybe something else.”

Hannah, who joined her father to interview ET, said there is “always a possibility” of bringing the whole gang back together. “The door isn’t closed between us, so we still talk about it. So, I mean, maybe,” she said.

Hannah said that she “always” wished her parents were better off, telling ET, “It would be nice to stand in a room with them and not think they hate each other, but it All right. That’s it. Things played out. How did they do. They both still love me, so that’s okay.”

As for what John would like to say to his ex, he simply said, “The master of the truth.”

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