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John Cena Meets Ukraine Super-Fan With Down Syndrome: ‘I Want to Meet a Wonderful New Friend’

John Cena fulfilled the wish of a special fan! In a video shared by WWE on YouTube, the 45-year-old actor met 19-year-old Misha Rohozin, a Ukrainian refugee who experiences confusion when he and his mother had to leave their home in Mariupol and had to be transferred. Russian invasion.

Misha, who suffers from Down syndrome and is non-verbal, was told by her mother that they were going to find John Cena to pacify him during his trip to Europe. When the WWE Champion heard his story, he decided to use his time in Europe to see one of his biggest fans.

In the emotional clip, Cena wore his signature “Respect Earn It” T-shirt, denim shorts, yellow armband and baseball cap as he greeted Misha and his emotional mother.

throughout the clip, peacemaker The star spent a special afternoon with Misha which included eating building blocks and cake. In another special moment, Cena presents Misha with the shirt and cap he wore to the meeting.

Adding to the moment, the wrestling superstar presented Misha with the WWE Championship belt.

Misha’s ability to embrace resistance is extraordinary,” Cena told the camera. “Those words never give up, we all have thought of them in our lives, they are very powerful. I think Misha is a great example – Misha’s mother – they are two great examples of how to be persevering Even if it’s the toughest of times.”

Cena went on to end the trip, telling Misha through a translator, “It was an amazing adventure, giving me the chance to meet a wonderful new friend. Thank you for giving me strength,” he said before hugging Misha.

Clearly impressed by Cena’s gesture, Misha’s mother said through tears, “Thank you, thank you, John. You have a big heart.”

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