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John Batiste gives update on wife’s health amid leukemia battle, shares sweet advice on love (EXCLUSIVE)

John Batiste gives update on wife's health amid leukemia battle, shares sweet advice on love (EXCLUSIVE)

The five-time GRAMMY winner opened up about his lovely wife while walking the red carpet at the Met Gala.

John Batiste is a boy with a glass half full. For example – Amidst his wife, Suleka Joud’s second battle with leukemia, the five-time Grammy-winning singer is smiling, dancing and counting her blessings for a promising update about her health.

The 35-year-old musician spoke with ET’s Rachel Smith Monday night as he hit the red carpet for the Met Gala and explained why he feels blessed — and it all has to do with having an incredibly few weeks with Joud. .

“She’s doing great,” Batiste revealed. “It’s really been the best two weeks we’ve ever had. I’m so grateful. God bless us. God is holding us up and lifting us up.”

After a quick performance of his hit track, “Freedom”, Batiste professes his love for his new wife and offers advice for finding One,

“I have so much to say about her because I could talk endlessly about her glow,” said the band leader. Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “We met when we were in band camp. She was 12 and I was 14. We’ve known each other for 20 years. And it’s such an incredible thing. If you find the right person, she’s the one.” Shut up. Life is short. You never know what’s going to happen so you just have to shut it down. These moments are beautiful – the ups and downs of life. Just be with the one you love and everything Will be OK.”

Batiste also revealed that when Joud was attending the event, she didn’t walk the red carpet because “the crowd is still too tough,” but noted that she was going to be “in and out” of the Met Gala. so that he could live with her.

Last month, during an interview for CBS Sunday MorningThe 14-time Grammy-nominated singer announced that she and her longtime girlfriend had secretly married in February, on the eve of her bone marrow transplant.

Earlier this month, backstage at the Grammys, ET spoke with Batiste about her recent marriage, and the singer said it wasn’t something that came out of left field.

He told ET at the time, “Yeah, well, you know, it’s a matter of life. You have to go with the moment, you have to know when it’s time to do something and that’s what we did.” “Yes, we’ve been thinking about it, planning it, for so long, and we did it, got married, boom boom.”

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