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Joey Jordison, Original Slipknot Drummer, Dies in Sleep


Mexico City.- Joy Jordison, co-founder and original drummer slipknot, died on Monday at the age of 46, as confirmed by his family through a statement. Although the cause of his death was not stated, the letter stated that he died peaceful way at bedtime.

The musician’s funeral will take place in private, so the family requests respect from fans and the media in the same letter.

we are heart broken To share the news that prolific drummer, composer and artist Joy Jordison passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 26, 2021.”

“Joey’s Death” left our hearts empty And a feeling of indescribable sadness. Those who knew Joy understood his sharp wit, gentle personality, huge heart, and love for all things familiar and musical…”.

Joy Jordison and Slipknot. with his legacy

slipknot Des Moines’ music scene exploded, IowaMILF in the decade 1990The quality of his music as well as his clothing immediately created a stir.

Jordison was a highly visible component of the band, whose music was based on your speed and stamina. was located in the style of the band alternative metal and until Nayadhatu.

He co-wrote some of the band’s songs and His departure took place at the end of 2013.. Jordan was also part of Murderdolls where he left the drums to play the guitar. He was a member of Scar the Martyr and his most recent band was called sinsenum, where he returned to his natural means.

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