Joe Jonas jokingly promises an MMA fight between the Jonas Brothers and Hemsworth Brothers

Joe Jonas is ready for the fight! The Jonas Brothers joined Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday Tonight’s show and joked about a future shootout between them and the Hemsworth brothers.

Nick, Joe and Kevin appeared on the show to promote their upcoming NBC special. Olympic Dreams with Jonas Brothers, and Fallon referred to his upcoming memoirs, Blood, what he said of course refers to the fact that they are brothers.

“Actually, that’s not the reason,” Joe joked. “We’re going to take note of all the YouTubers that are having these boxing matches and we’re going to have a great UFC match.”

“It’s going to be us against the Hemsworth brothers,” Joe continued, his face straight, as his own brothers laughed and Fallon jokingly panicked. “The Hemsworths haven’t emailed us yet, but it will be great.”

“Did you just say it’s us against Thor?” Kevin asked with a laugh.

“Maybe there are a couple of Hemsworths out there that we don’t know about and that maybe you can challenge or something,” Fallon suggested delicately.

“The ones a little closer to our height too,” Joe joked.

During their chat, the three also talked about how they had been behaving while waiting to go on tour again, with Kevin revealing that his own daughters, Alena, 7, and Valentina, 4, have come to recognize their father. and uncles as celebrities for their appearance on a famous Disney Channel series.

“They see us as the people they saw in Hannah Montana in that episode we did with her, “revealed Kevin.” They are completely obsessed with that show now and they think we are those people. Daily.”

Later in the episode, the Jonas Brothers teamed up with Fallon for a game called “Sing It Like”, in which they have to sing a randomly selected song in a strange and challenging way.

Fallon begins by performing Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”, but singing it “like you’ve just tightened the elastic bands on the suspenders.”

Joe ended up performing “Watermelon Sugar” and singing it as if he was also walking on hot coals, while Kevin delivered a cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U”, but as if he had just pierced his tongue. Kevin sang “With Arms Wide Open” as if he was trying to communicate a secret message with his eyes.

Finally, the boys closed the game with a group performance of their own hit “Sucker,” as if they were automatons from Cheek E. Cheese’s animatronic band.

The trio’s next special, Olympic Dreams with Jonas Brothers – in which they compete against each other in different Olympic sports – premieres Wednesday, July 21 at 8 pm ET / PT on NBC.