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Joe and Jill Biden dress in jeans to walk with the new puppy commander – photos

Joe & Jill Biden

President Joe Biden and his wife took a walk with their adorable new puppy, Commander, on the beach in his home state of Delaware.

President Joe biden, 79 years old and First Lady Jill biden, 70, were accompanied by their new furry friend on a walk while on vacation in Delaware. The couple and Commander, the adorable new puppy they adopted days before Christmas, was pictured walking around on Rehoboth Beach on December 28. The little German Shepherd seemed to take advantage of the open space in the President’s home state to wander and run.

Joe and Jill Biden walk their dog Commander in Delaware on December 28, 2021 (Photo: Patrick Semansky / AP / Shutterstock)

The Bidens dressed casually to take the commander for a walk. Joe wore a black jacket, denim jeans and black sneakers. He also wore a black hat and a face shield, amid a wave of COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant. The 46th President walked the Commander on a leash, although at one point he let the dog roam free on the beach and play fetch with a tennis ball.

Jill And Joe Biden
Jill and Joe Biden play with their dog Commander on Delaware Beach on December 28 (Photo: Patrick Semansky / AP / Shutterstock)

As for Jill, she wore a black jacket, blue jeans, gray Nike sneakers and a face shield for the outing. She walked away from her husband and held onto the tennis ball until it was time to play fetch with Commander. The couple were reportedly joined by the Secret Service, although they did not approach Joe and Jill. There was no one else on the beach except the paparazzi who took the pictures of the Bidens and the commander.

Joe Biden

The Bidens officially welcomed the Commander into their family on December 20. The commander was a gift from the president’s family, according to CNN, and the dog is the first new puppy to join the Bidens in the White House. His arrival came six months after the German Shepherd from the Bidens champion died on June 19 at the age of 13. The President and the First Lady reclaimed Champ in 2008, after the President Barack obamahistoric election, of which Joe Biden was the vice-president.

In addition to Commander, the Bidens are also proud owners of another German Shepherd’s dog, Major, 3. They had Major since 2018, although he was temporarily brought to Delaware in March 2021 for a few weeks after biting a security guard and causing a minor injury on March 8. After training, Major returned to the White House later. this month.

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