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Joaquín Sabina will release an album at the end of the year and tour Latin America

The singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina, who presents the documentary at the 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival Feeling it a lot that the director, screenwriter and producer Fernando León de Aranoa has made about himhas announced a new album for Christmas with a presentation tour of Latin America and Spain.

At a press conference at the San Sebastian event, León de Aranoa and Sabina, together with fellow musician Leiva and the producers of the documentary Francisco Cordero, Patricia de Muns and Sergi Reitg, have presented this documentary, the fruit of 13 years of recording from the filmmaker to the veteran artist.

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“Without conflict and without lack of love, songs cannot be made”, Sabina has defended, who has stressed that “there is nothing better than doing something with friends”https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/musica/.”It is a pleasure to work with friends, I mean Leiva, Fernando and Pati. You see that joy of being with loved ones in the documentary”, he assured.

The singer-songwriter has admitted that he wears “fatal” being a “spectator of himself” and has remarked that he is “much more modest of what my caricature says”.

“My wife, fundamentally nothing given to complimenting me, said that Fernando had taken my soul. I thought it was a huge rudeness because I’m already ashamed enough to show my ass to show my soul,” he asserted.

Asked about the song composed Along with Leiva for the film, he explained that he had been “almost three years without going on stage for the covid”https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/musica/.”Almost the first song that Leiva and I have written is the one from the movie. Fernando offered us a wonderful way to get out of so much sadness, “he added.

“We saw that Fernando was doing us such a big favor that we thought we had to do one for him, an unpublished song that was very similar to the documentary. It’s my lyrics and music by Leiva”, explained Sabina, who has advanced that “there will be more, there are already more” songs and that the former leader of Pereza is once again going to be the producer of an album that, as he has announced, “I hope to release for Christmas”.

In addition, he has also announced the tour that will begin in February in Latin America, which will continue through Spain, to present this new work. “I don’t go on tour if I don’t have new songs. I won’t give the pain of singing it all, but I do have to sing four or five new ones, If not, I don’t see myself motivated to go on tour,” he said.

Regarding his relationship with Fernando León de Aranoa, Joaquín Sabina has assured that they are “long-time friends”. “I have absolute and full confidence in him and he is also the best,” he stressed, explaining that when making the documentary “the first thing I told him was that he didn’t need a key to enter anywhere.”

After assuring that he has the feeling that “I have gone from adolescence to old age without touching maturity anywhere”, has highlighted that ‘Sentilo mucho’ “is not a documentary to the greater glory of an artist, but a piece of a singer’s life and I think the people who have seen it are also grateful for that”.

On the other hand, he has defended that “the artist must take very seriously what he does out of respect for the public but you shouldn’t take him seriously at all, that solemnity, we’ve avoided that like the plague.”

love and conflict

For his part, L.eon de Aranoa has stated that there is “a lot of love but also a lot of conflict” in this documentary and explained that they have gone through “all kinds of situations in these 13 years, some of love, others more complicated”https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/musica/.”For the documentary, everything that is conflict is good Without conflict there is nothing, little to tell”, he maintained.

The director of movies like the good boss has pointed out that he does more fiction, but he has pointed out that “the mere fact of making documentaries” he likes a lot. “I try to do it every two or three fiction films, whenever I find something interesting to deal with and it is personally very enriching, you find yourself in worlds that are not yours.”

Along these lines, he specified that “when you do fiction, everything is very blocked, you know how it is going to start and end, a Cartesian thing that is boring, but here it is very different, I had to adapt to the way they flow, I couldn’t have a plan, the first thing because Sabina wasn’t going to pay any attention to me”. “The wonder was to integrate myself into that sweet chaos that I see around them and then try to give it order,” he asserted.

“It was about being alive in many moments, more reflections and statements. Sharing that privilege of those conversations with the public but above all being alive in many moments. That’s how we really understand how people are. I didn’t want it to be a testimonial documentary, but of vivid moments”, the filmmaker insisted.


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