Home Entertainment Joaquín Levinton is a mix of Turco García and Juanse

Joaquín Levinton is a mix of Turco García and Juanse

Joaquín Levinton is a mix of Turco García and Juanse

The game he proposes MasterChef CelebrityIn addition to the performance in the kitchen, it is the role played by the different personalities involved. In this third season of the Telefe reality show, one of those who stands out for his occurrences, outside of the strictly culinary, is Joaquín Levinton, in a position similar to that of Turco García or Juanse in previous seasons.

The musician is part of the team of participants who, for his charisma, his impudence and his self-confidence, moves through the same lanes as others who have given the show. But if we talk about gastronomy, we could say that to this “recipe” some ingredients are added that also bring him closer to Martín Fabio, el Mono de Kapanga, in the first edition and, to Alex Caniggia, in the second.

Levinton, like his predecessors, knew how to win the favoritism of the public and, although the judges cannot show an inclination for some of the participants, it is clear that Damián Betular, Donato de Santis and Germán Martitegui like him, as happened with Juanse, el Turco, el Mono and Alex (in the latter case until left the program slamming the door).

El Turco García, Joaquín Levinton And Alex Caniggia, Another Trio Of Hilarious Characters From Masterchef Celebrity.

El Turco García, Joaquín Levinton and Alex Caniggia, another trio of hilarious characters from MasterChef Celebrity.

Character from zero hour

In his debut, Levinton made a mushroom sole with potatoes and cauliflower. But, far from being familiar with the specific language of the reality show, he explained to Germán Martitegui: “I made a little fish”, just like that.

“A little fish? Does it have a name? “the chef insisted. Levinton did not hesitate: “Raúl!”, was the answer that unleashed the general laugh. In case there were doubts, he clarified: “I saw Raúl’s face on that fish.” Stunned, Martitegui explained: “It’s hake. No, sole! With some boiled potato chips at the hospital ”. The musician had to admit that he had never cooked cauliflower or fish before.

In the second edition, sYour colleague Juanse went through a similar situation, also in front of MartiteguiWhen he did not know how to name what he was preparing: “What are you going to cook?”, he asked him then. And the response of the former leader of Paranoid Mice was: “I’m going to do this with this thing.” The chef asked him for details: “I didn’t understand”, to which Juanse replied: “Neither do I”.

The Sanateo to strictly defend his dishes is something that Levinton shares with his predecessors. The musician from Turf, who named one of his dishes as “Arrosmith”, was dispatched with an incredible story when he had to present a children’s menu and appeared on the scene “the rat Miguel”.

The little animal in question was a radish with two peas (of different sizes) as eyes, but no ears. Before Betular asked why he did not have that part of the body, Levinton launched: “She is deaf”. And he added fantasy to his proposal. “It is not to eat, it is to help children to become familiar with animals and to see that rats are not bad.”

Along the lane that the Turk also played

The Turk Garcia was one of those who defended his preparations at all costs. “I like to cook without a recipe, because when you miss it, bye. Here you can invent, defend the plate more ”, he assured in a delivery. But when Betular asked him about how scarce the dish was, he argued: “Three steaks, one for each one, and I ate the fourth. Don’t be selfish. You have to share, didn’t they teach you in the garden?”

In the first edition Martín “Mono” Fabio It was another that caused the laughter of his companions and the surprise of the jurors with his occurrences. When in one of the slogans they had to cook with meat and offal, he touched his heart. When taking the product out of a box, the musician did not hesitate to take revenge for an attitude that Rocío Marengo had had before and said: “This is what you lack, Marengo!”.

Joaquin Levinton, One Of The Revelations Of Masterchef Celebrity 3.

Joaquin Levinton, one of the revelations of MasterChef Celebrity 3.

On the other hand, when he had to defend a dish, almost without elaboration, he justified it before the jury saying: “It is simple chori”, when, in reality, the preparation was directly raw.

In this mix of personalities that attracted attention in reality it is impossible not to mention Alex Caniggia who, with the humorous back and forth that he generated with the jury, won thousands of fans in the program. All until he decided to leave, almost overnight.

But before, there was no shortage of broadcasts in which he did not make his companions laugh with occurrences, such as the potato pie. When the driver, Santiago del Moro, asked what opinion he had of the potato cake, the influencer, without hesitation, replied: “The potato cake is not going, it is ‘cheap’. It is not high foodIt’s not like caviar, salmon, all those things ”.

A little more subtle in his occurrences, Levinton in addition to dare to honor one of the jurors, baptizing a dish as “Chuletas a la Boniato De Santis”, prefers to look for allies among the other participants of the reality show.

Thus, for example, when they had to make pairs, the musician immediately stuck to Paula “Peque” Pareto, one of the best defended by cooking. As they had to baptize the group, it occurred to him to put “Pequín”, uniting Peque with Joaquín.

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