Home Entertainment JLo celebrates his 52nd birthday with Ben Affleck and his family (PICTURES)

JLo celebrates his 52nd birthday with Ben Affleck and his family (PICTURES)

JLo celebrates his 52nd birthday with Ben Affleck and his family (PICTURES)

a day like today is saturday 23 july but Jennifer Lopez was born 52 years ago in New York.

latin girl managed to become one of the icons of pop music around the world, Vanity from the beginning of its Puerto Rican roots.

Celebration with Ben Affleck

on his birthdayThe artist plans to spend a day in the company of Ben Affleck, his partner, with whom he has already appeared in his first official picture as a couple.

The final months of JLo’s life have been more than transferred. At the beginning of the year, her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, whom she had planned to marry, broke down following an alleged infidelity by the athlete.

break commitment and surprise

After going to couples therapy, heThe actress and singer realized she couldn’t trust him and decided to end their engagement.

Whom no one could have imagined that he would see her after a few days Is secretly dating her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck.

One More Dates With Ben Affleck

others came out on that first date Until it was confirmed through photos taken by the paparazzi that the cast had resumed the relationship that ended in 2004.

Since then, The couple has not separated and has made more and more progress in consolidating their courtship. Two weeks ago we were able to see him at an amusement park with his kids and one of his kids.

JLo confirms their reunion

He has aroused the interest of the media The press follows them wherever they go And that every publication in which they appear together goes viral.

This happened yesterday with a picture of Leah Remini, a friend of the two, in which they are seen posing next to her. that is, This is the first official currency for JLo and Ben Affleck.

how do you celebrate your birthday?

Today that artist turns 52 years old, His plan is to spend a day with the family, As revealed from a source Hollywood Life.

She plans to be with the family and with Ben, Cook a delicious meal and take the day off to rest as the rest of the year is devoted to work,” he remarked.

there will be no big celebration

He has also said that this time the singer is not going to organize a great festival. He prefers to wait for Ben Affleck’s birthday, which happens in three weeks, And thus do something special together.

“Ben’s birthday is near (August 15) and They are crazy to travel a little more. they will celebrate their two great days together As the heat rises,” confirmed a source.

A JLo spokesperson insisted that the singer did not want to have a big party, but instead She prefers something familiar and intimate around the people she loves the most.

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