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Jimmy Sohns, leader of the band ‘Shadows of Knight’ dies at 75 (PHOTOS)

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  • The music dresses in mourning once again
  • Singer Jimmy Sohns lost his life after being hospitalized
  • Shadows of Knight announced the irreparable loss

The music is in mourning after it was revealed that the leader of the band ‘Shadows of Knight’, Jimmy Sohns lost his life at the age of 75, after suffering an attack in recent days that had him hospitalized and fighting for his life while the fans of his group prayed for his recovery.

There were several media outlets such as ‘Daily Mail‘, those who released the fateful news about the death of Jimmy Sohns who was not only the vocalist of the rock band ‘Shadows of Knight’, but also the co-founder of it, after several days of agony in the hospital trying to get out of a heart attack.

Jimmy Sons died

Jimmy Sons dies

In the social networks of the band ‘Shadows of Knight’ it was announced at the beginning of this week that Jimmy Sohns had had to be taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack, but it was almost at the end of this Friday when the leader’s daughter of the musical group released the news of his death.

According to reports from the news portal ‘TMZ’, the band Shadows of Knight is well known for its hit entitled ‘Gloria’, a song that reached the top 10 of Billboard when it was released in December 1965, due to its catchy rhythm and its contagious choir in which the title of the song was spelled out.

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