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Jimmy Allen shares how ‘On My Way’ collaboration with Jennifer Lopez went (exclusive)

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Jimmy Allen and Jennifer Lopez having a mutual friend worked in their favor! The country crooner had a full circle moment when he played J. Low to work on a new version of his single, “On My Way”, for his latest album, tulip drive,

“A friend of mine works with her camp and she texted me, ‘We’re trying to do a duet remix version of this J Lo song. Are you down?’ I was like, ‘Yeah bro send it,'” the 37-year-old said of the opportunity to work together marry me Actress.

“I did it the next day and sent her back. It was really cool. It was a full circle moment, because I know she was the judge.” American Idol And a year or so ago we did a song together on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and now.”

Jimmy Allen
Ethan Miller / Getty Images for Spotify

Although she did not get a chance to speak directly with Lopez, the “Freedom Was a Highway” singer felt confident in her creative process and was pleased with her version of the song. “We didn’t talk about it,” he said.

“It’s like him and his team trust me to do what I do. They sent it over. I sent it back. I didn’t need to resend anything and they mixed it up and got it.” Ready and Boom Boom Boom.

Alan already has his next big idea and Lopez has a plan. “So there’s a movie ahead,” he said. “Let’s do a movie. I’ll call my people your guys, we’ll get it done.

He continued, “Original” [songs] Would be great too,” he shared about the idea of ​​their follow-up collaboration. “Perhaps an original song for the movie that fills an album for the movie.”

tulip drive, The street, which was named after his grandmother, features T-Pain and See-Lo Green. The singer’s 8-year-old son, Edin, also appears on the record. When it comes to featuring his son, Allen said his rising star is playing it well.

“He didn’t care, but at the same time he was like, ‘So people are going to hear my voice? he said. “I was like ‘yes’.” He was like ‘Will my name be there? I was like “yes”. He said, ‘So how will people know that I am Edin?’ I was like ‘yeah bro, they’ll know’.

Allen admitted that his son doesn’t want to be on stage, but he doesn’t mind being the center of attention during his father’s show. The “Down Home” singer said, “I’ve tried to get him on stage before, but he just won’t.”

“But he would go down the other side of the barricade towards the stage and take selfies with people during my shows. By the way, I’m killing it on stage, doing my job, trying to live up to the offer And I look down and this kid is distracting me while taking selfies during my show. Like hey, do your work brother.”

Allen is also a father to daughters, Naomi, 2, and 9-month-old Zara with his wife Alexis. With all the features and mix of styles tulip driveAllen said it’s all about bringing people together, and giving to others and introducing them to the country.

“I’m glad the record is over,” says the singer. “I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to the record. So I wanted to have songs like country music songs, rap leaning songs, Christian leaning songs so that no matter where people listen to my music, they have something for them. Will find you.”

He further added, “I have recently learned that what I have done in different shows, whether it is dance with the starOr sitting here talking to you, people will look at it and see it who don’t listen to country music. So if they were to say ‘Hey Jimmy Allen?’ They go to my records hoping they find something that fits them. I want my album to be a place where everyone feels welcome.”

tulip drive is out now.

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