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“JFK Revisited” Touches On Oliver Stone’s Past


Cannes (AP) — Thirty years after “JFK,” Oliver Stone returns to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this time in a documentary.

“JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass” is a kind of nonfiction annex to one of Stone’s most sensational and controversial films. The documentary, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, is likely to start another round of discussions about American tragedy and Stone’s methods. But for the 74-year-old filmmaker, it was a way to respond to his critics and delve into a story he will always be associated with.

“I was a relatively newbie when that movie came out. He was naive. I didn’t know they were going to hit me like that and it was tough,” Stone said in an interview. “It felt like I wasn’t trustworthy. In Hollywood, I was labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, which I believe is a term from a 1952 CIA document, an attempt to defame people. But the public liked the film. It worked as a film.”

“JFK” was nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture, and won two. It raised over $200 million. But it was also beset with questions about its feasibility.

“JFK Revisited” also raises questions. Several streaming services refrained from distributing it partly for the sake of fact-checking. At Cannes, the film has premiered in several countries and is seeking a distributor in the United States.

The two-hour documentary, which was originally twice as long, does not comment on who killed Kennedy. It is based on millions of government files previously published in the years following “JFK”.