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Jessica Simpson Pays Her 42nd Birthday Tribute: I’m Finally ‘My Own Best Friend’

Jessica Simpson celebrated her 42nd birthday with a fun trip to the lake with her family, but on Monday, she took a moment to reflect on how far she’s come over the years. The singer paid an emotional tribute to herself on Instagram with a picture of herself wearing a black outfit, with the moon shining behind it.

Simpson wrote, “Oh lil Mrs 42 you lean into the moon’s rays to recharge and radiate a purposefully glowing heart.” “I am very proud of my faith, resilience and strength over the past 4 decades. Whatever has happened or has not happened in my life, it is what makes turning 42 so exciting because I know how to live within the prescribed grit. What does one have to do personally?

“I know myself and I love him very much,” she continued. “I know my purpose and I must say that ladies and gentlemen I am equipped to waltz within every dream I have with confidence. I am humbled and honored to finally be my best friend.”

Simpson concluded the tribute by writing, “Ok 42✨ Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Ahead of his birthday, Simpson spent quality time with family in Lake Austin, Texas. On Sunday, she shared photos from her week with husband Eric Johnson and their three children Maxwell, 10, Ace, 9, and Birdie, 3. The family enjoyed boat rides which included jet skiing and other water adventures. Simpson stunned in a red swimsuit and oversize white sunglasses for the celebration.

In a second post, Simpson shared that it was her kids who chose the vacation spot for a very cute reason.

“We asked the kids where they wanted to go for their summer trip and, from everywhere, they chose Texas to be with their cousins,” she captioned a series of vacation photos. “It was a week of passionate and nostalgic blasts. Feeling good that summer settled down.”

It’s no surprise that Simpson decided to celebrate self-love for her birthday. In April, she opened up about how she’s learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how she never imagined she’d be posing in a two-piece swimsuit after “gaining and losing 100lbs 3x.”

“I never thought this moment could or would happen, but I’m finally spring breakin’ wearin’ bikini!!!!!!” Simpson captioned a selfie at the time. “Hard work determination self love.”

She later opened up during an interview the original Regarding losing weight after delivery, noting that wearing a swimsuit was never her main goal.

“I call it firm patience,” she explained. “I believe in setting small goals for myself, because in my life and how I’ve done it, there are easy ways to throw in the towel and make it seem impossible. So, small goals for me are the only things I can achieve.” Let’s help the main goal.”

“I literally brought a bathing suit on that trip without even trying on a bikini, because I thought I was going to be in just one piece. When I put on that two-piece, I got so emotional, and I was like, ‘ I did it, it happened,” he added. “

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