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Jessica Rodríguez faces a new challenge, does she leave Despierta América?

With Wake up America Jessica Rodriguez He began his professional career and has established himself professionally. However, she is now the host of El Retador, which “opened my eyes to the fact that there is something outside” of the morning broadcast. Has being part of this reality show made her consider leaving the show that launched her to stardom?

“It’s not that I want to leave Wake up America, I always want to be there, but if there is something outside. The only thing I know is the happiest little house, of the last eight years, what has been my career has been there. With this I am getting a taste of doing something outside of, trying another show, another cast and I am very excited. I think this is the beginning of great things with God’s favor”, she confessed. “Being in The Challenger It is an opportunity that I now have to get to know another side of the company, another audience. There are many new things that are living at the same time. And on a professional level I think it’s giving me incredible growth.”

The presenter talks about her experience after being part of this contest broadcast that has involved a series of changes on a personal and professional level. “Reach The Challenger, As the title says, it is a challenge because I have never had to do two programs at the same time; I have never had to travel every week; just like I’m doing with Mexico,” she revealed.

“For my personal life it has been a great challenge to be from here to there, and present with my family, with my loved ones and, at the same time, almost living in two countries at the same time. But it has been the best thing that has past; I’m at the perfect time to do it, I’m at a stage, an age, in which I don’t have children or so many responsibilities at home, so I can do it and I’m getting the most out of it,” he continued. “In this show they see another side of me, I’m still the fun one, but now I’m more with a prom, more of a host. One also has to feel that, believe that movie. I feel that she is another Jessica, more of a primetime host, at night”.

Although “getting used to another type of program is a personal and professional challenge”; It was also joining the cast of the series shehulk, where he had a special performance. “I’m on the third episode of she-hulk. I’m super excited, I’ve watched the episode like eight times though. I see that I am in a chapter where there are other stars, “she recounted. “I am in Marvel, in Disney +; It’s something I never really dreamed of. You can dream big, but Marvel is like, oh my! Almost unattainable, I would say because it is so big. And it’s a perfect example that nothing is unattainable when you put heart, effort, dedication into it.”

“I want to be remembered as someone who was strong in the moments when I had to be strong,”

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Rodríguez has many dreams to fulfill, including doing something in English and collaborating with American channels. Meanwhile, in addition to continuing as a co-host on Wake up Americakeep working on The Challenger. “I want to be remembered as someone who was strong when I had to be strong,” she concluded.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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