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Jesse Tyler Ferguson wins first Tony Award for ‘Take Me Out’

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is now a Tony Award winner. the former modern Family The star earned his first trophy for Best Performance by a Featured Actor for his acclaimed turn in the revival of a gay baseball play, take me outDuring the 75th Annual Celebrations.

The actor gave an emotional speech saying, “To stand in front of this community that I admire and love so much is all that matters to me… I can’t believe I have the courage to live.” get to do that.”

With his win in the category, Ferguson defeated co-stars Michael Oberholtzer and Jesse Williams, who made headlines for their performances as well as leaked images of nude scenes from their onstage.

Meanwhile, Ferguson previously told ET about the importance of reviving this story for Broadway and why Richard Greenberg’s play resonates as much today as it did 20 years ago. “When I saw this play, it was very topical. But I thought, ‘Maybe in two years this won’t happen anymore,'” he recalled. “And here we are [20] Years later, and racism and homosexuality are still very relevant.”

Not only that, Ferguson said that even more is needed when it comes to LGBTQ representation in the professional sports world, especially in baseball. “We don’t have anyone on the level of character in this play [come out], I know they exist. I wish the Games had more visibility,” he said, hoping the play “sheds light on the current climate.”

When news of his nomination was first announced, Ferguson posted on instagram“I’m so incredibly honored and overwhelmed. I could only see my life going in one direction as a child — and that was on stage in New York City. I moved here at age 17 and had coffee.” Worked in stores and babysats and did everything I could find.

“To be respected and accepted by the very community and the very award show I would look from year to year in my living room from Albuquerque, NM is so overwhelming,” he continued. “There are no words other than thank you and I love you.”

Altogether, take me outIt was nominated for four Tony Awards, with the other category being Best Revival of a Drama.

Check out the full list of Tony Awards 2022 winners.

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