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Jessa Duggar Claims She Wasn’t Invited To Sister Jill’s Baby Shower: ‘These Rumors Make Me Angry’

Jessa Duggar is tired of drama. Especially fake drama.

Jessa took to her cousin, Amy Duggar’s, in the comments section on an Instagram post that highlighted her sister, Jill Duggar, baby shower scenes. Amy posted tons of amazing photos of sweet treats, balloons, and flowers while hosting Jill’s baby shower. Amy captioned the post saying, “It was an honor to host your baby shower Jill!! You are beautiful inside and out and deserve to be loved!!”

Jessa left a comment shortly after saying, “So much fun celebrating this new life!” Everything was going smoothly, until someone shook the pot in the comments section, suspecting that Jessa was even invited to the soiree. The comment that gave rise to the play read, “[A]For whatever reason you didn’t share pictures of her sisters who were present, so it wouldn’t look like they didn’t come?”

It didn’t take long for Jessa to come out swinging, saying, “Please don’t assume there’s a negative motive behind everything we do and don’t do.”

Amy also quickly came to her cousin’s rescue.

“We had a beautiful turn and enjoyed being in the moment!” he commented. “I’m sure there are pictures elsewhere, but I was writing all the gift info and hosting so I took it all! There was no drama and Jill was shining!”

Despite Amy’s assurances that there was no drama and Jessa saying she was actually at the baby shower, some people were still skeptical. And it sounds like some special comments – “I can’t believe he didn’t have siblings” and “well there’s a bit of a squabble between the family so I’m sure they were told they didn’t.” Or supporting Josh because they weren’t invited. You don’t know their family dynamics except what they show you” – really pissed off Jessa, and the gloves came off .

In a lengthy response to those comments, the TLC personality said “these rumors angered me” and vowed to stop it.

Jessa wrote, “The narrative that puts forward these kinds of comments is false. Just not true.” “I was there at shower time, but everyone else was out of town whether for a wedding, family reunion, or beach trip. Summer is busy and you can’t always coordinate a 19+ schedule. More than one adult Anyone with a baby should know that. My mom and all of us sisters + SIL love her so much and she knows it!”

“While baby showers are a blast, they aren’t the only time family members get together and hang out,” she continued. “We spend a lot of time together, even if there aren’t pictures circulating on the Internet to prove it. Photos are great, but sometimes you get caught up in conversation and not enjoy everyone’s company.” That at every gathering, play date or dinner. To be a photo op. Stop spreading hatred. He has family support – stop this crap.”

Jill and husband Derrick Dillard baby no. 3. Couple took their website Back in February to announce she was pregnant, less than five months later miscarriage victims, Jill and Derrick are already parents to sons 5 year old Samuel and 7 year old Israel.

Jill’s baby shower comes seven months after her brother Josh was found guilty of two charges of child pornography. He has since been sentenced to more than 12 years in prison.

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