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Jenny Mai shows off her adorable daughter Monaco in new photo and video

Now that new mom Jenny Mae Jenkins has introduced her daughter to Monaco to fans, she’s letting the 5-month-old head into the limelight! On Thursday, the TV personality shared pictures and videos of baby Monaco in a new installment of her hello hunnay YouTube series, sharing milestones with her little one from the past few months and getting emotional about why she looked forward to introducing Monaco to the world.

,[This] Might be the most exciting episode I’ve ever had hello hunnay, the 43-year-old says in the episode, admitting that she was “so nervous” to introduce her child to the world. “I got really scared, safe and protected. Please excuse the nerves.”

The video features footage from various members of Monaco’s family and former co-hosts of Mae Jenkins. the original, Monaco before appearing on camera being captured by her grandmother, whom Mae Jenkins calls “Mama Mae”.

Since the release of the video, Monaco has left its mark on its mother’s page.

“There’s a silence in love,” Mai Jenkins captioned a photo of Moma Mai holding Monaco with a characteristically grin.

former co-host of the original took to her Instagram Story to share the history of her journey back home to her daughter, ending the slides with the final shot of her hand holding the tiny fist of Monaco. “My little girl and me,” she captioned the slide.

Jenny Mai's daughter Monaco rocks the headlines in new photo
Jenny Mae Jenkins Instagram Story

On Thursday, Mae Jenkins shared a video of a sleeping Monaco hugging her as she blinks at the baby’s face. “My breakfast, lunch and day,” she wrote along with the clip.

Holi Mole The star and her husband, Jeezy, welcomed their daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins in January, and they say they’re enjoying watching them learn and grow every day.

Mae Jenkins sat down with ET’s Kevin Frazier last month and opened up about how her worries and anxieties about having a baby — which she experienced while pregnant — come with the arrival of her baby, a feeling of gratitude and boundless love. changed into

“I can honestly say that the whole time I was pregnant I was nervous because I felt like I didn’t deserve this beautiful privilege,” Mai recalled. “I honestly worried a lot because I thought, for someone who said their whole life they didn’t want to be a mom and here’s this gift being given to me, I felt like, ‘Put yourself at risk. Don’t put. Situations, like don’t get on the plane or — you’re the one who took it away from you, because you didn’t appreciate it when you had the option.'”

“So now, I’m beyond grateful,” she said. “Because I can’t believe, as every parent can tell you, how much a baby changes your life. And I like myself better. I like myself better as a mom.” “

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