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Jennifer Lopez says leaked video of her wedding to Ben Affleck ‘was stolen’

last weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They celebrated a second wedding in Georgia, United States. They wanted to keep everything off the grid, but Yesterday a video was leaked and J-Lo came out to say that it was stolen.

The singer warned her fans that it was filmed “without permission,” and while the comment is no longer available to view since it was deleted, her fans’ account shared a screenshot.

“This was done without permission. Whoever did it, he wrote, took advantage of our private moment. I don’t know where they’re getting it from because we signed confidentiality agreements and asked everyone not to share anything about our wedding. It’s up to us to decide what we share.”

Jennifer Lopez's message to her fans.

Jennifer Lopez’s message to her fans.

And he added: “Everything I publish about my private life is in OnTheJLO and it is to share it with my fans. Which I’ll do when I’m ready to do it.” This was stolen without our consent and sold for money. Thanks for caring, I love you guys.”


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

The couple hosted an intimate but lavish ceremony at Affleck’s 87-acre estate in the Hamptons, Georgia, just over a month after their surprise wedding in Las Vegas.

The three-day celebration included a rehearsal night, the official ceremony, and finally a big meal.. Everything was done with secrecy, so everything that was known about the wedding was thanks to insidersFor example, Lopez wore three different Ralph Lauren dresses, each with a backless design.

Before the big event, security checkpoints were set up on the paths leading to the house and attendees were asked to “have ID ready” upon arrival. Despite the checks, and guests reportedly being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements, one of the attendees appears to have leaked a video.

Yesterday videos began to circulate of one of the most intimate moments at the “Bennifer” wedding, as Hollywood renamed the couple. According to audiovisuals shared on social networks, the diva performed a song for the famous actor, who was sitting on a chair in the middle of the dance floor while she sang with her dancers. The letter said “I can’t get enough of you” (I can not have enough of you).

The video was also shared by an Instagram fan page, but was quickly removed.

a movie romance

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez with her boyfriend Ben Affleck at the 2003 Oscar Awards. Photo: AFP

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez with her boyfriend Ben Affleck at the 2003 Oscar Awards. Photo: AFP

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dated for the first time in 2002 and they got engaged that same year. However, they ended their engagement in 2004 and both married other people.

They resumed their romance in May 2021 and announced that they were engaged for the second time in April this year.


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