Home Entertainment Jennifer Lopez opens social networks with a daring bikini

Jennifer Lopez opens social networks with a daring bikini

Jennifer Lopez opens social networks with a daring bikini

not more than one, Nearly three million users on Instagram Jennifer Lopez left her speechless With a bold yellow bikini.

And on her Twitter account, the Puerto Rican-born artist wasn’t far behind either, because He also added thousands of “likes” to images in which he appears inside a yacht.

JLo returns to an old love

It is no less, because in recent months, The locals and strangers, the special dam and her fans, surprised locals and strangers alike when JLo resumed her relationship with Ben Affleck.

From that reunion with the famous actor, Jennifer looks radiant, happy and expresses the joy of her life in her own way In these moments when the epidemic of covid in the world is not taking its name to stop.

show your figure and happiness

Since 2021, after parting ways with former baseball player Alex Rodrihuez, JLo focused on herself, her work, her family, and taking care of her health and figure.

And if there is any doubt about it, then through social networks The singer is in charge of sharing videos and photos that show what’s inside of her.

Jennifer Lopez’s celebration continues

In her latest Instagram update, the singer ring for when flaunted his heart attack curve a . embellished in teeny swimsuit in yellow.

and in Europe, first in France and now in the island of Capri, Italy, as a way of continuing to celebrate his 52nd birthday, JLo added a text to the postcard on both social networks: “Ciao” and a heart shape.

win more followers

You On Instagram where he has more than 168 million followers, The number of users who “liked” grew rapidly within minutes, reaching nearly three million

“Good morning for you and only for you”, wrote one of his fans at the bottom of the postcard That others were astonished by the shape of his statue.

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