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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s second engagement? Will she be the winner?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's second engagement?  Will she be the winner?

The Bronx DivaJennifer Lopez and the actor Ben Affleck They don’t give up on love and are ready to take the next step in their renewed relationship.

Less than a year after resuming their sentimental relationship, the so-called “Benifer” It seems that they have decided again that they want to get married.

This Friday, singer and actress JLo updated on her reports Twitter and Instagram that I had one “very exciting and special story to share”. And while he didn’t make the news official with all the details, he added: a Engagement ring emoji next to your name

JLo also said she would give all the information in her room OntheJlo.com. And accordingly Newsletter for subscribersWhat People made public, She caresses a beautiful ring with a beautiful green diamond while tears well up in her eyes.

Video recording shared at: https://onthejlo.com/

When did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first get engaged?

The couple began courting in July 2002, and they quickly announced their engagement in November. But days before the wedding, which was scheduled for September 2003, they decided they weren’t ready and left the wedding as “postponed.”

After several months of uncertainty, they finally called off their engagement in January 2004.

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Jennifer Lopez makes her relationship with Ben Affleck official on Instagram

During their breakup, López dated former baseball player Alex Rodríguez, to whom she was also engaged. Meanwhile, Affleck was dating Spanish actress Ana de Armas. Once both were free again, they had time to rekindle the romance.

Now she’s 52 and he’s 49, but they’ve said they have a maturity now that they didn’t have almost 20 years ago.

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