Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck return? they were caught together on the weekend

After ending their respective relationships, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they surprised the world by seeing a possible love affair.

And it is that there are already several occasions that the two celebrities are found together. Just a week ago Affleck was at Jennifer Lopez’s mansion and now it is known that they spent the weekend together and alone at a resort in Montana.

“He spent several days with Ben out of town. They have a strong connection. Everything has been fast and intense. Jennifer is happy, “commented a person close to the two celebrities to People.

In 2004 the couple ended their relationship before marrying. (Photo: AP)

It is rumored that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they could have a new relationship; remembering that they They ended in 2004. And the thing is that years before they were a very famous couple; even in 2003 they were about to get married, but they postponed the wedding and months later they decided to finish.

For years they both continued their paths with different couples, but it seems that they would have decided to recover what they once had.

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