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Jennifer Hudson promises honesty and fun in first talk show promo

This fall, Jennifer Hudson is coming to a TV screen near you! On Thursday, newly minted EGOT revealed the first look at their upcoming daytime talk show, jennifer hudson show,

“I’ve lived a lot of life and I’m still here. Now’s the time to sit down and have fun, I want to talk to someone,” ex American Idol Star says in short video.

“There is nothing more gratifying than seeing everyone shine and knowing that there is a light within them. But jennifer hudson showYou’re going to get quality, you’re going to get honesty, you’re going to win my whole heart, and don’t forget the fun,” she adds. “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

After getting approval in over 95% of the country, the show is officially moving to national syndication this fall. The series will debut on Fox TV stations on September 12 as its core station group. The premiere date also falls on Hudson’s 41st birthday.

Daytime Emmy Winning Team Behind The Ellen DeGeneres Show — Mary Connelly, Andy Lesnar and Corey Palette — have signed on as executive producers and showrunners. Hudson, Lisa Kastler Calio, Graeham Morphy and Walter Williams III will also executive produce, while red table talkK Shani Black will serve as co-executive producer.

“I’ve worked with Mary, Andy, and Corey on a number of shows over the past nine years, and I’m thrilled that we’re able to have them in the family because they really are the best in the business,” said Mike Darnell, Warner Bros. Unscripted Television Chairman said in a statement. “With the incredible talents of Jennifer, and the addition of Lisa, Graham, Walter and Shani to the producer team, I know this show is going to be great and I look forward to what’s to come.”

Hudson shared a poster for the show on Instagram, captioning it, “I can’t believe I got to say this but welcome to my show!!!!”

Hudson hesitated when talking about pitching his talk show with ET in January, but admitted that “there’s always a plan” at work behind the scenes.

“I would love to do that, there’s a whole new interesting world to explore,” the singer said. “I love talking as you can probably already tell, and I love Jennifer-iz people. So maybe I just make it into your living room, 2022 is definitely going to tell us for sure.” !”

“Here at Jhund Productions, we always have a plan. And we never stop working and, as I always say, you’ll always see me try and grow, so there’s always a plan, That’s all I can tell you,” she said.

Looks like the plan worked!

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