Home Entertainment Jennifer Garner joins TikTok with epic ‘Alias’ 20 year reunion

Jennifer Garner joins TikTok with epic ‘Alias’ 20 year reunion

Jennifer Garner joins TikTok with epic 'Alias' 20 year reunion

Jennifer Garner joined TikTok with a really particular video.

The actress made her debut on the social media platform by celebrating the twentieth anniversary of her hit present. Alias. In her video, she exhibits the photograph of every actor earlier than switching to footage of the particular actor at a reunion celebration. Michael Vartan, Victor Garber, Gina Torres, and extra are included.

“We’re here, we’re older, but we still have it,” Garner wrote the TikTokwhereas sharing a prolonged message on her Instagram.

“Twenty years ago this week, tonight, #Alias ​​first aired on @abcnetwork,” Garner wrote on Instagram, mentioning September 30, 2001, the present’s premiere date. “If you’re an idea that came from @jjabramsofficial’s brain – you’re a big one; JJ’s ambitious imagination got every department of the Alias ​​crew through and above the norm, it was so much fun.”

“Since the show ended in April 2005, meeting a cast or crew member of Alias ​​has always led to this question: When are you going to bring everyone back together for a reunion? The 20th anniversary seemed like as good an excuse as any, so the call went out – reunion party is on, pass it on! “She went on, including that all of them” missed everyone who worked and it could not create “.

Garner performed the tremendous spy Sydney Bristow within the spy drama on ABC for 5 seasons from 2001 to 2006. the 13 Subsequent 30 Star beforehand opened up in regards to the return to the small display 12 years later Alias accomplished. She advised reporters on the Tv Critics Affiliation’s 2018 press tour of their HBO present: tentingthat it wasn’t a acutely aware choice of her to avoid TV roles.

“When people offered me things on TV, they didn’t really make it to me. I worked in a certain way and the momentum was [going another direction]’said the 46-year-old actress about her film career.

“I love the familiar feeling on set. I love getting a new script. There’s nothing more fun in the middle of the second episode and the script for the third, ”Garner continued. “It’s just a super fun feeling. I haven’t been offered anything that I say no to.”

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