Home Entertainment Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley talks parenting with ex-husband Roger Mathews (exclusive)

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley talks parenting with ex-husband Roger Mathews (exclusive)

Jenni 'JWoww' Farley talks parenting with ex-husband Roger Mathews (exclusive)

This season of Family vacation in Jersey Shore everything revolves around the families of the MTV stars. With the majority of cast members now being parents, their children come first even when shooting the latest installment in their reality series.

ET’s Rachel Smith spoke to the cast ahead of the new season’s premiere, specifically speaking to Jenni “JWoww” Farley about parenting with her ex-husband, Roger Mathews.

“Ultimately, you just have to put the kids first and he’s very understanding when my schedule changes, with filming,” Farley told ET. “I’m not a 9-to-5 person, so he knows I’m filming Jersey Shore and we’re going to the keys. And it was great that the production worked around the children’s school holidays. So he knows they only go there to have their best life with their virgin margaritas and piña coladas. “

Farley and Mathews initially split in 2018 and divorced in 2019. They share 7 year old daughter Meilani and 5 year old son Greyson.

“He understands that very much and I will make sure he gets her over the time I have her so we’re really balanced,” she added.

But can mothers still show up like they used to? Farley and her best friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who recently returned to the cast, say they definitely can.

“I have a feeling we can still do it,” Polizzi told ET. “You’re going to see a day this season when we really come back and I feel like we did a great job, we hung even though we were hungover two days after, but it was still, we did still “understood.”

“Ironically, as a mother, I feel like I’ve drunk more now,” added Farley. “I just walk up and down and pass out at 10pm. I just can’t celebrate. I can’t start at 11 a.m. As a mother, I wait until it’s five o’clock. ”

Family vacation in Jersey Shore returns to MTV on Thursday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET.


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