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Jennette McCurdy’s Mom Forbids Her From Being Friends With Miranda Cosgrove; this is the reason

The book I’m Glad My Mom Died (‘I’m happy my mother died‘) continues to give something to talk about, because in it the actress Jennette McCurdy, who is currently 30 years old, deposited the psychological abuse to which her mother subjected her, forcing her, to begin with, to be a well-known interpreter.

Now, a fragment of the book was revealed, not yet available in Spanish, in which the mother of Sam’s interpreter in the famous teen show ‘iCarly’ did not look favorably on Cosgrove, who co-starred in the series as Carly.

indiser reveals that McCurdy grew up in a Mormon home, and that religion played a very important role in the house, to the extent that forbade her to be his friend, claiming that Cosgrove did not believe in God.

Jennette McCurdy accuses Nickelodeon of bribing her not to tell abuse she suffered

As she recounts in her memoirs, they met in the recording of the pilot but they did not become friends until she sent him a basket with gifts: I’m really surprised that another child actress is so nice to me“, because he assures that it is generally a hostile environment and competition.

However, her mother’s perspective was differentWell, Miranda said profanity like ‘m**rd*’, ‘c*l*’ and named God ‘in vain’ on more than 50 occasions, so his mother forbade him to approach immediately.

Mom warned me not to get too close to Miranda because she doesn’t believe in God.McCurdy recalls. “It’s okay for me to reach out to Nathan (Kress, who played Freddie), Mom says, because he believes. ‘Southern Baptists aren’t Mormons, but at least we’ve got Jesus in common,’ she says in parentheses.

But that did not stop them, because despite both being shy, Jenette McCurdy assures that she ended up becoming a very good friend of Miranda Cosgrove, although their friendship it was carried mainly thanks to messages through online messaging platforms.

“Sometimes if Mom came by and asked me what I was doing, I’d tell her I was talking to Miranda, but most of the time I’d shrink the AIM (a chat service) text window and lie and say he was doing homework. She didn’t question me. As soon as she left the room and then I would go back up the text window and I would start laughing.”

And though the end of ‘iCarly’ threatened their friendship, he reveals that three years later They remained friends and Miranda served as a great support to overcome the eating problems that the pressure generated..

“There was no need to worry about the context; our friendship has grown stronger since it ended icarly remember back then.We eat three or four times a week. Usually one of the nights is sleepover“retrieve ew.


However, after the age of 20, contact with her, as well as with other friends she had, began to be lost. Even so, Cosgrove reached out to invite her to the ‘iCarly’ reunion for Paramount PlusHowever, McCurdy declined in favor of his mental health.

“There are more important things than money. And my mental health and happiness fall into that category.“, remember that Jennette told Miranda in a phone call in which they promised to contact each other again.


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