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Jennette McCurdy: These are the abuses she suffered and the reason she celebrates the death of her mother

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Jennette McCurdy is recognized worldwide for being part of two of the most important children’s series in the industry: ‘iCarly’ and ‘Sam & Cat’both belonging to the Nickelodeon chain.

Nevertheless, the life of the child actress has not been easyin fact it was plagued by abuse, violence and health problemsall caused by his own mother; We tell you a little about his life.

Jennette exposes the violence she experienced with her mother

According to various interviews given by the actress, his book titled ‘I’m glad my mom died’ (I’m glad my mother died), due to be published this August 9, will portray the shame, anxiety and contempt towards his childhood career as a result of the abuse by his mother and Nickelodeon; Among the consequences, addictions and food transients stand out.

Although the book is still on the eve of its official publication, multiple American media outlets have received authorization to share fragments that allow dimensioning the violence exerted against Jennette.

In addition, the titled book is not the first biographical project in which McCurdy shares his traumatic life experiences, since through a short film and subsequent theater performances with a monologue of the same name, The actress revealed some information about her relationship with her deceased mother.

What were the abuses you suffered?

The text revolves around how her mother forced her into show business to live through her his frustrated dream of being a super star. In addition, Jennette explains how at a young age she she became the breadwinner in her homebeing practically the only economic provider for the family, a situation that kept her under constant pressure.

At the age of 11, his mother, Debra McCurdy, started counting his calories, too. began to dye her hair and whiten her teeth periodically. Poor nutrition led to suffering from anorexia at age 12when according to the actress, during a medical check-up the doctor questioned her mother and used this word, which until now was unknown to Jennette, for what she considered her mother was only taking care of her.

When did your hormonal development begin? his mother gave him medication to delay and lessen the effects of this stage with the aim of making her look younger and thus interpret roles in children’s series.

Upon joining the cast of ‘icarly’Jennette became obsessed with food so her anorexia turned into bulimia. During that time Debra forced her to undergo vaginal and breast exams Against his will.

Lastly, while she lived she never had privacy, she did not bathe alone until she was 17 years old, besides his mother had control over his social networks, messages, emails and bank accounts.

In 2013 Debra passed away from breast cancer.which meant a strong depression for Jennette, without realizing that with the passage of time se would become the best thing that could have happened to him. She moved away from the stage and during these years she worked on herself, she is currently ready to share her life, which will officially go on sale on August 9 through the book “I’m glad my mother died.”


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