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Jennette McCurdy Remembers Kiss With Nathan Kress On ‘iCarly’; “I don’t want my first kiss to be like this”

Actress Jennette McCurdy shook the world of international show business by launching her book entitled I’m glad mom died a creation that addresses the psychological abuse from his mother of which he was a victim for years.

With the release of this post, some snippets started to go viral like the case where The actress revealed that Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 to not talk about the abuse. against him.

‘I’m glad my mom died’: What is Jennette McCurdy’s controversial book about and how much does it cost?

Among the many passages in the book, there is one in particular that caught the attention and it was where the actress and author recounted what it was like to shoot the one that for many iCarly fanswas one of the most iconic scenes of the show: her first kiss with Freddie.

The kiss between Jennette and Nathan Kress

One of the most remembered moments of the program occurred during the chapter iKiss in the second season where the character of ‘Sam’ kisses ‘Freddie’ on the lips. However, behind this scene there was something very dark that was revealed in the book.

As the chapter narrates, that kiss was the first that Sam gave in his life, but not only hers, but it really was for the young Jannette, which caused him to become very uncomfortable, since it was not like that. as she had imagined.

“Our lips touch. He moves his mouth a little, but I can’t move mine. I’m frozen. Her eyes are closed. mine don’t. Mine are wide open, staring at him. It’s so strange to look at a person while their faces are touching. Dislike. I can smell her hair gel.” She recounted her.

And it is in the scene that was finally recorded, that discomfort can be perceived that had to be suppressed given the orders of his mother and director Dan Schneider. There were a total of seven takess the ones that were made until the director was satisfied with what he saw.

“My mind is saying who cares that this is your first kiss, that your first kiss is on camera. End this. Do what you’re told. My body says no, I don’t want this. I don’t want my first kiss to be like this. I want my first kiss to be a real first kiss, not a kiss for a TV show.” She concluded.


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