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Jennette McCurdy recalled her participation in ‘Malcom in the Middle’ in her book

The actress, Jennette McCurdy has become a trend in recent days after the publication of her book I’m Glad My Mom Died (‘I am happy that my mother died’) where he narrates the series of abuses psychological Y traumatic that he suffered from his mother during his youth.

Although the abuse from his mother is the main theme of the book, it also narrates degrading events that he had to go through on behalf of directors of popular television programs. The traumas detailed by Jennette have paralyzed millions of Internet users.

One of the moments that most surprises her followers is the fact that the actress was not allowed to be friends with Miranda Cosgrove, with who shared painting in icarly. He also remembered one of the moments that he was most excited about and that was appearing in malcolm the one in the middle beside Frankie Muniz.

McCurdy appeared in one of the most popular episodes of the entire series, ‘If Boys Were Girls’ in which we can see a female version of the main characters accompanying Lois to the mall.

Daisy is the female version of Dewey and Jennette McCurdy was in charge of bringing the character to life, the actress recalls her experience on the show:

“I had to use very hard wax behind the ears to make them more noticeable, because one aspect that identified Dewey was the ears he had, it hurt but I didn’t care muchsince I liked the studio where we recorded and the director LinWood Boomer was a nice person,” he wrote.

Within his book he also talks about his experience meeting the leading actor of the series: I liked to greet Frankie Muniz, I thought he was discreet with my feelings until my mother yelled at me: Don’t even think about it, he’s too old for you! “.


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