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Jennette McCurdy and the terrible email she received from her mother: “You disgust me”

The actress Jennette McCurdy continues to share the words that led her to write her book where she recounts everything she experienced as an actress since childhood until his mother died.

Although the title caused controversy among readers, according to the protagonist of the series ‘Sam & Cat’ She has been visiting various television and radio programs, we learn more about the decisions that led her to share her whole life.

It was during the program of ‘Red table talks’, driven byr Jada Pinkett Smith, where he was able to read a little of what comes inside his new book and these statements moved all his readers by the cruel way in which lived the young actress.

Jennette McCurdy reads an email from her mother

After the young woman published her book ‘Im glad my mom died’, there was a lot of controversy not only because of the title, but also because it was believed that everything McCurdy wrote was a lie, so Jennette made the decision to read a little of what he wrote.

As a test, McCurdy shared one of the emails he received on some occasion by her mother’s side in which she was referring to Jennette with adjectives to disqualify his life for some photographs that had seen on TMZ.

The actress begins to read one of the emails that caused the most impact on the followers and readers since many shared that it was not the right way to treat a teenage girl.

‘I’m so disappointed in you, you used to be my little angel but now you’re just a little slut, completely used up and to think you wasted it on that horrible ogre of a man.’

“I saw the photos on a medium called TMZ, add this to the things you are, liar, conniving and evil.”

‘You also look plumper, it is clear that you are eating your guilt’.

To end the email, Jennette McCurdy’s mother asks her to send her money because her rrefrigerator broke down, not before telling him that she was no longer his mother.


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