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Jeff Bridges gives health update after cancer and COVID-19 diagnosis (exclusive)

Jeff Bridges is recovering after his recent battle with cancer and a COVID-19 diagnosis. ET’s Kevin Frazier talks with Bridges at the premiere of his new FX series, old manWhere he opened up about the film and shared an update on his health.

“Feeling good,” said Bridges of how he is doing after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in October 2020.

While the 72-year-old actor said he is now in remission, he revealed that it was his battle with COVID that really “erased” him.

“Cancer-wise, yes remission, and COVID, you know, that made my cancer like nothing, that COVID,” he shared. “I did my chemo for cancer and it took away all my immune system, then I got COVID on it, and it wiped me out.”

With chemotherapy and the pandemic, it took three years to get old man Made – the series based on the novel by Thomas Perry, was originally scheduled to debut on FX on Hulu in 2021.

“Oh man, this all sounds like a bizarre dream, you know,” admitted Bridges, who is also an executive producer on the project. we started old man three years ago.”

He continued, “Had two years off, and then back into it, and it’s like we had a long weekend and I had, you know, this bizarre dream.”

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The bridge also couldn’t help but pass over the cast and crew. old manWho worked long and hard to tell the story of a CIA operative who is forced to learn that the only way to ensure his future is to reconcile his past.

“What a great group to start with, you know, not just the cast but the perfect, John Steinberg, writer, and Lauren Littlefield. The whole team,” Bridges said of the group, which includes the great John Lithgow.

Bridges also commented on the performance of her co-stars, Bill Heck, who plays a younger version of her on the show, and Amy Brenneman, who plays the unsuspecting landowner that her character, Dan Chase, is off the grid. Rents a room while out.

“He did such a great job,” Bridges said. “It’s always challenging, when you have — you have flashbacks and stuff, but it reminds me of myself, so that’s great.”

“That’s awesome,” he added Brenneman. “That kind of thing makes all the difference, you know, who you’re dealing with.”

see all star cast old man When the series hits FX on Hulu on June 16.

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