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Jealous of Adamari? Toni Costa’s girlfriend reveals how the reunion was (VIDEO)

  • Evelyn Beltrán presumes that it is not long before she sees Toni
  • Adamari López does not stop sending ‘indirects’
  • Toni’s girlfriend makes it clear that it is hers alone

After 84 days inside La Casa de los Famosos, Toni Costa returned with his beloved Evelyn Beltrán. The Mexican influencer known as “La Bichota” did not hesitate to show off all the way she went to be able to meet her beloved Spanish boyfriend again. Was she jealous of Adamari?

For his part, Alaïa’s father had already commented on what he would do with Evelyn when he saw her again. Even in a conversation that he had with her partner Natalia Alcocer, she could not with the tears and began to cry in full transmission when remembering his beloved Mexican girlfriend.

Let go of tears for Evelyn!

Let go of tears for Evelyn!

The Spanish dancer was talking to Natalia Alcocer when they touched on the subject of their partners, Adamari López’s ex could not hold back his tears when talking about his new girlfriend. “We don’t have to talk about her anymore then” Natalia told Toni when she saw that her partner was breaking down in tears when remembering her current girlfriend.

“When someone makes you so happy, you need cab ***”, recognized the dancer of Spanish origin while wiping the tears that came from his face with a napkin. “But we think about them and they are with us,” the Mexican actress and influencer tried to console him, who also entered the house having a couple outside of it that makes her very happy.

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