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JEALOUS? Adamari López asks Daniella Navarro about Toni Costa (VIDEO)

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  • The Puerto Rican questioned Daniela Navarro
  • Was there a relationship between Navarro and Adamari López’s ex?
  • They assure that Adamari López became jealous; Do you still have feelings for Toni?

Adamari Lopez Daniella Navarro. Things got intense after the Venezuelan Daniella Navarro was expelled from La Casa de los Famosos, and she was the favorite of many, but also the most hated by others, who are happy with her departure. …

However, after an interview for Hoy Día, the Venezuelan talked about her experience on the famous Telemundo reality show, but a moment of tension was felt at a time when Adamari López intervened and asked her an uncomfortable question that left all speechless.

Daniela talks about the reasons why she left the house

Adamari Lopez Daniella Navarro

Besides that Daniela Navarro entered into controversy for an uncomfortable question that the Puerto Rican asked her, Adamari López, the Venezuelan actress also spoke about her experience in the house, and they asked her about her departure, to which Daniela responded in this way.

“I don’t think it was the relationship with Nacho (what got her out), rather I think it’s as if she had betrayed Salvador and Laura, that could have harmed him. But I don’t want to question the public’s decision, they preferred to keep the fake Ivonne, Salvador, Toni and Nacho.” She confessed to Today. (VIDEO) Filed Under: Adamari López Daniella Navarro

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