Jaw answer: User asked, why do all the feminists see a rift? Sona Mahapatra Speak – Get your brain crack treated

Playback singer Sona Mohapatra gave a befitting reply to the troll. The troll made objectionable remarks on women. The Twitter user said in a tweet, “Why all the feminists have to show cracks in fighting men and seeing your interview, I think you are a victim of Bollywood gang, but still you want to join their gang.” Compliments Is this a contradiction? ‘

What did Sona answer?
Sona replied, ‘My advice is to cure the cracks in your brain before talking about anyone. Leave the feminist alone who tries to flatter the Boli Gang. ‘

Last month, when Bollywood celebs launched the #SmashThePatriarchy hashtag in support of Riya Chakraborty, Sona Mahapatra advised to use it properly. Sona advised that women-men should be given equal pay, actors should trust women, filmmaker-big production houses should write women’s roles in the film even better.

Feminism in the eyes of gold
In 2017, Sona talked about feminism in a Facebook post. She said, in my feminism literally means that women and men are exactly the same. Not inferior or superior. ‘