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Javier Rivero, the dubbing actor who offers voice to Nacho, Vaca, Winnie Pooh and far more

Voice actors are 1 of the critical areas of a filmeven so, numerous times they do not ordinarily receive the recognition they are entitled to, this is reflected in the actuality that occasionally quite couple do not know who are the folks behind their favorite characters.

Previously we showed you who is the voice actor at the rear of figures like Thanos, Luke Hobbs, Brian Griffin and far more Now it truly is Javier Rivero’s convert, who lends his voice in videos and series like Los Caballeros del Zodiaco, Vaca y Pollito, Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh, Nacho Libre and many a lot more.

This is Javier Rivero, a Mexican dubbing actor who started out in the marketplace in 1986 when he was 36 a long time old. He was born in Mexico Metropolis in 1967, he is also known as “El Javo”, he is married to Gaby Beltrán, who is also in concern.

Javier Rivero or “El Javo” is recognized for getting dubbed characters this kind of as the Gemini Saga and Jabu the Unicorn in Knights of the Zodiac, also voiced Cow in The cow and the chicklikewise doubled Winnie The Pooh from 1996 to 2000. He labored as the Joker in DC Comics animated productions considering the fact that 2018.

In addition, these are some other figures he has provided voice to:

  • Jar Jar Binks in the saga of StarWars.
  • wheezy on toy tale 2
  • Felix the cat in The New Tales of Felix the Cat.
  • Big Momma in the trilogy of My grandmother is a risk.
  • Sgt. Dominic Pilla in The drop of the Black Hawk.
  • Carl Denham in King Kong.
  • Ace in Krypto, the Super Pet.
  • In addition, he is the recurring voice of Jack Black.

Javier Rivero left all the things to be an actor

“El Javo” made a decision to abandon the Interaction Sciences degree when he was in his next semesterto begin finding out performing, since he was captivated by the theater workshop.

He graduated from the “Derbez-Michelle” Academy (later Sylvia Derbez Academy) and in 1986 he acquired his initially dubbing possibility in the sequence Distinctive command where by he gave voice to Doug Penhall.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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