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Jason Sudeikis is excited about the gift his daughter Daisy gave him for the premiere of ‘Ted Lasso’ (exclusive)

Jason Sudeikis shows his daughter Daisy's sweet gift on the 'Ted Lasso' red carpet

Jason Sudeikis hit the red carpet Thursday with a small gift from his little girl. The 45-year-old comedian smiled at the season 2 premiere of Ted lasso, while wearing a special bracelet that he and Olivia Wilde’s 4-year-old daughter Daisy made for her.

The bracelet features a string of colored beads on an elastic band, including some letters that spell “Daddy,” a truly adorable gift from your youngest child.

“She did it because she can’t stop being creative,” Sudeikis proudly told ET’s Lauren Zima as she stood on the red carpet in front of the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

Sudeikis said his daughter is “a little artist to be,” but noted that he wasn’t sure if she was also an aspiring actress.

“I don’t know. I think she’s acting a lot right now,” Sudeikis joked, before adorably poking fun at her little girl’s propensity for dramatic overreactions.

Jason Sudeikis
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While Sudeikis basks in his daughter’s brilliant creativity, the actor also admitted with a laugh that neither Daisy nor her 7-year-old son and Wilde, Otis, were in the least interested in their new record number of Emmy nominations. Program.

“They don’t care,” he laughed. “They want to know if they can play with their Nintendo Switch or if they can be covered again. They don’t care.”

That said, both of his sons have seen the celebrated show, which follows Sudeikis incumbent Ted Lasso, a college football coach who becomes a personable fish out of water when he is hired to coach a British football club.

“Otis refers to Roy Kent as the ‘King of the F word,'” Sudeikis said, referring to the character played by Brett Goldstein on the show. “‘King of the F’, I think that’s what it says.”

When asked if Otis says the “F word” in question, Sudeikis admitted with a smile, “He used to! But we got him out of it.”

Season 2 of Ted lasso premieres July 23 on Apple TV +.