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Jason Momoa’s Apple TV+ . but there will be a new series

Jason Momoa, actors of aquaman And Dune, will be a new series on Apple TV+ Grid. Momoa was one of the first Hollywood actors to bet on Apple TV+. there are two seasons See Already available and a third on the way.

Now, the actor is facing the series chief of war, this time as a screenwriter, as well as a hero. It will be a historical story set in Hawaii in 1795, when four of its states were plunged into a bloody war.

Momoa will play Kayana, a legendary warrior who retired from the Maui army. To live a peaceful life away from fighting as a fisherman. Of course, Kayana will wield her weapons again when she becomes the focus of a prophecy that points to her as the only person capable of restoring peace to the islands of the archipelago.

Jason Momoa during one of the presentations for the press of "Aquaman".  Reuters Photo

Jason Momoa during one of the presentations for the press of “Aquaman”. Reuters Photo

born in Hawaii

Momoa has spent a long time trying to bring the rich and forgotten Hawaiian history into series (or film) format. The actor was born 42 years ago in Hawaii like Nicole Kidman. In fact, among his projects is independent film. Koolau the Defiant OneFocusing on another historical figure from the region who fought alongside the army that overthrew the Hawaiian Empire in the late 1800s.

For now, there are no further details of the project other than the confirmation of Momoa as the protagonist and screenwriter, who will co-write the film with screenwriter Thomas Pa Sibet. Brave (2018).

strong papers

If Momoa is widely known for acting aquaman In the Warner Bros. and DC Comics superhero franchise, the truth is that they have made their way into films and series before.

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones".  photo file clarin

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones”. photo file clarin

This Khal Drago In. Was game of Thrones, where he played the violent husband of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke); Before that, he was Conan in the remake of the original film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and most recently we saw him as Duncan Idaho Dune,

As you can see, all strong roles … or at least, roles for a strong man. In fact, we have to add their incorporation to the team in their history. fast and furious 10, to be released in 2023. There Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, will have to deal with Momoa. Climb several steps up the ladder of fame watching the global success of the Walnut saga.

sleep in mobile home

A few months ago, Momoa also made news, but not for work reasons but strictly personal. From the heart, to be more precise. This is how he split from actress Lisa Bonet (with whom) devil heart, And, in order not to be away from their two children with their partners — Nakoa-Wolf, 14, and Lola Iolani, 13 — they made one of the decisions that adds another chapter to that book. is what we can call well Hollywood Bizarre,

Jason Momoa with his ex-partner Lisa Bonet.  photo file clarin

Jason Momoa with his ex-partner Lisa Bonet. photo file clarin

After the marital conflict, Bonet (by the way, Lenny Kravitz’s first wife, and actress Zoe Kravitz’s mother) made it clear that she was not ready to move on. What did Momoa do? They decided to settle in a mobile home in the garden of a friend’s house in Topanga Hills in Los Angeles.


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