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Jason Momoa apologizes after taking pictures and videos during Sistine Chapel visit

Jason Momoa apologizes after taking pictures and videos during Sistine Chapel visit

The 'Aquaman' star said he didn't mean to 'disrespect your culture.'

Jason Momoa recently broke a sacred rule during his visit to the Sistine Chapel, prompting fans to apologize after giving him permission.

Earlier this week, fast and furious 10 The star took to Instagram and shared a slideshow featuring pictures and videos of the action star praising Michelangelo’s masterpieces. The problem is, photography is absolutely off-limits inside the Apostolic Palace, mainly because the flash from the cameras can prove detrimental to the artwork.

He captioned the post, “What a beautiful start to our day enjoying I love you Italy Roma.” However, fans were not happy with Momoa, who was accused of playing according to different rules.

One fan commented, “We, regular people, are not allowed to film inside the Sistine Chapel.” Another fan wrote, “We can’t take pictures but can’t do anything against offsea celebrities Jason (I love them) but it’s not fair.” Another comment read, “So they let the rich and famous film there but we can’t do the farmers.”

Following the backlash, Momoa apologized in a video he sent JustJared.com,

“All I want to say is that if you ever felt that I disrespected your culture, that was not my intention,” he said. “I came here when I was 19 or 20 to experience the Sistine Chapel. I’ve always wanted to and now that I can, I made an amazing donation to bring my friends and crew because we have these It was only a few days to experience the place.”

He continued, “And then I found that people wanted to take pictures with me, which is very strange, with all this wonder during their visit to the Vatican and they want to take pictures with me, which I don’t get, but care.” I did. Wasn’t intended. I paid for that private moment and made a nice donation to the church. I love you. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Momoa shooting the film in Italy fast x, Back in April, Momoa spoke with ET about playing the villain, getting into the driver’s seat, and getting into the action in the film.

“He’s amazing. He’s ornate. He’s misunderstood,” Momoa said of the villain he’s set to play fast and furious 10, The actor also talked about working with Charlize Theron, who welcomed him fast and furious Family with a huge hug.

“I get to shoot with some really cool people that I’ve never done – I get to work with Charlize [Theron] First, which I’m really excited about,” Dune The star was shocked. “He’s amazing.”

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