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Jared Leto wants a “more sinister” version of Spider-Man

Jared Leto didn’t give up. It premiered on Thursday, March 31 morbiusThe new Marvel tank belonging to the Spider-Man universe starring the actor. Critics and networks were unanimous in his new role as a vampire.

Shrunken Far Far, 30 Seconds of Mars Singer Expresses Desire to See morbius Fight Spider-Man in a darker version, sharing the screen with other villains.

The actor elaborated on the subject in a note Hollywood Reporter, and made it clear Would love to do a “more sinister” version of Spider-Man: No Way Home And team up with other villains from the Spider-Man franchise.

Jared Leto, in his new role in "Morbius".

Jared Leto, in his new role in “Morbius”.

His desire is, in essence, in line with the intention of Sony, whose senior management More than once he considered turning it into a movie sister six, The iconic Spider-Man is based on the comics of villains who team up to wreak havoc.

“I mean, I’d love to be in it. I’d love to see it and we’ll see what happens in the future,” Leto said. “but I think a more sinister version of this Marvel Multiverse would be a lot of fun. And what incredible talents go along with some of these iconic characters. this is amazing”.

spiders on test

a film of horrifying… Sony Pictures Universe Of Marvel Characters Likely To Focus On Characters (SPUMC, in the internal jargon of the study). With Spider-Man firmly present within Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future, Sony will have to focus on the Spider-Man villain.

In that sense, moderate financial success two movies of poison starring Tom Hardy, and morbius it was like a drill Watch to see how other Spider-Man villain movies with less recognizable characters will perform.

Although neither film has been particularly well received by critics, Sony managed to produce them on a relatively modest budget (by superhero standards) and they perform well enough to be profitable.

in an era where The greatest asset of a studio is the intellectual property of the comics they control.Jared Leto may get his film sister six sooner than you think.

Joker in the crosshairs?

Even if it doesn’t succeed, Dr. Michael Morbius is not the only supervillain role Leto is interested in reproducing. Last month, when asked if he was interested? Playing the Joker again, Leto hesitantly replied “never say never”.

As Leto the Joker (The Joker) in "Suicide Squad".

As Leto the Joker (The Joker) in “Suicide Squad”.

we will see. It is not known. But now, lie down, Oscar winner for homeless club -And by the way, recently could not be recognized Gucci House,, plays Dr. Michael Morbius. He is suffering from a rare blood disease since childhood. A brilliant mind, if any, turned into a biochemist and with an unstable character…

Just as he is able to decline the Nobel Prize at the same award ceremony, he can be blindsided with the same enthusiasm when he learns that the possibility of recovery is to inject himself with a sort of experimental bat DNA cocktail. .


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