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Jamie Foxx Shares How He Asked Cameron Diaz to Come Out of Retirement (Exclusive)

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Jamie Foxx knows how to sell a project. The actor has been credited with persuading Cameron Diaz to come out of retirement for an upcoming project, and he spoke to ET about how he got her talking.

Foxx spoke to ET, with them day shift co-stars, Dave Franco and Carla Souza, while promoting their new action-horror comedy, and they talked about signing Diaz on their upcoming Netflix production, back in action.

“Cameron is such an incredible power and he’s done so much in this business,” Foxx says of the famous actress, with whom he shared the screen in 2014 Annie. “we love her.”

Foxx explained that getting him on board basically involved asking him, ‘Do you want to have some fun? Just have some fun!’ And I think that’s what brought him to her.”

Of Diaz’s return to films, he says, “We miss special moments in our business sometimes, and I think that’s a special moment.” “So we’re very happy that this is happening and look forward to it.”

“Jamie is the biggest leader in this business,” Franco adds with a smile. “He’s the best. No. 1 on everyone else [list],

“We had to be very innovative in how we, you know, brought him back,” says Foxx, who facilitated a phone call between Diaz and NFL icon Tom Brady, who shared some tips with Diaz. how to come back. In the limelight after deciding to retire.

As far as the film is concerned, ET has learned that back in actionAn action comedy, will be directed by Seth Gordon, who has previously directed horrible Bosses, Gordon co-wrote the screenplay with Brendan O’Brien, best known for writing the 2014 film neighbors,

Additional plot details about the flick, for which Foxx is serving as an executive producer, are being kept secret.

Diaz announced her retirement from acting in 2018. Then, in August 2021, Diaz revealed why she stepped away from acting.

“When you do something at a really high level for a long time,” Diaz told Kevin Hart heart to heart Talk Show, “There are parts of your life that end up being handed over to other people.”

However, it appears that the opportunity to work with Foxx on a fun project was one she didn’t want to turn down.

Meanwhile, Foxx is starring alongside Franco and Souza in the Netflix original film day shiftIn which the Oscar winner plays a handicapped father who makes a living by killing the bloodthirsty vampires who live among us.

The JJ Perry-directed film featured some very intense and creative stunts and action sequences – so they turned into some of the best in the business.

“We had stunt guys who john wick movies and so, like, these are some of the best stunt people in the world,” shares Franco. “So we came in and they gave us all the goals they wanted us to reach and I think we all are, like ‘Very ambitious, so we’re like, ‘Okay, let’s take this further! Let’s do those things that will surprise [people],

When asked which parts of the film were the most intense to shoot, Foxx recalled, “I think it was when we had to do long action sequences at the beginning of the film,” with a contortionist shooting was involved.

“What you don’t realize about an action movie is that you’ll do an action sequence all week, you’ll do five days straight of it. And you’re like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe we got it. ‘Through that! Well, we’ve got through it, what’s next?’ And then you go straight into another which is five days in a row,” Franco says. “It’s just relentless, but it’s a lot of fun.”

The film also balances a lot of action and comedy — and isn’t afraid to get a little meta, with both Foxx and Franco’s characters making some jokes. dusk Film Franchise. As it turns out, Franco did almost as much to prepare for her as he did for his fight scenes.

“I saw dusk For producing movies, yes. I wanted to know if I was getting my references right,” he explains. “I watched as many vampire movies as I could… each one has their own mythology so it’s interesting to see, well, what they’re up to. Are? What can we do that seems unique compared to what has come before us?”

For Souza—who plays a centuries-old vampire as a successful real-estate agent—she turned 1987 into one of the most iconic cult classic vampire films of all time. the Lost Boysand prepared for the sinister role by “channeling my inner Kiefer Sutherland”.

day shift Premieres August 12 on Netflix.

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