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James Gunn and his ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’: 10 curiosities about the film that made him famous

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On August 5, one of the most eloquent filmmakers of recent years was born: James Gunn, who is currently one of the most popular film directors. And although his career began with tapes like Super either Movie 43It was not until Guardians of the Galaxy that took the big leap and that is that only Gunn knew how to introduce unknown characters and make them one of the most beloved teams by Marvel fans.

This feature film introduced us to superheroes Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax (Dave Bautista), and the lovable Groot (Vin Diesel). Not forgetting that director James Gunn was able to introduce hits from the 60s and 70s with the soundtrack compilation named Awesome Vol. 1.

We tell you 10 curious facts about the work of James Gunn:

The walkman was made exclusively for the movie

Although many would believe that the walkman that Star Lord has is an easy-to-get artifact, several replicas of the same walkman model had been purchased from Sony for this tape. However, a fire in the warehouse caused real copies of the model in question to cease to exist, so a new edition was created.

The role of Star Lord was about to not be Chris Pratt

James Gunn wasn’t convinced about having Chris Pratt like Peter Quill because it reminded him a lot of the series Parks and Recreation where Pratt participated, however after the audition Gunn was so delighted with him, that within thirty seconds he was already determined to offer him the role. To play Star-Lord, Chris Pratt took features from characters like Han Solo and Marty McFly.

Chris Pratt

Only Vin Diesel knows what Groot is saying.

Groot’s vocabulary does not seem too extensive at first glance as it has been seen in the movies since the only thing he says is “I am Groot“. However, James Gunn on Twitter revealed that Vin Diesel had his text “translated” in the script so that he could give him the relevant emotion and that only he knew what the character was saying.

Star-Lord almost really knew Ziggy Stardust

In an interview James Gunn had said that he had every intention of inviting David Bowie to participate in a cameo for the film since the director knew the singer’s fascination with galactic themes, thinking of a scene where Star Lord met Ziggy Stardust. Unfortunately, the tragic and unexpected death of David Bowie caused Star-Lord to be left without meeting him in the film.

The role of Rocket Racoon had several candidates

For the role of Rocket, actors such as Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey. Even thought of Jason Statham after a campaign launched on social networks. Nevertheless, Bradley Cooper was the chosen one for the role where Cooper had a higher salary than he received in Silver Linings Playbook Y The Hangover combined.

bradley copper

Putting a mouth on a raccoon is not easy

Speaking of Rocket, for the filming of the tape, andhe CGI department struggled a lot to accurately design the facial movement when talking about Rocket. This is because the facial structure of a raccoon does not match that of a human, which prevented them from being able to use motion capture as they had done with other creatures. What the CGI team opted for was to create facial animations from scratch for each line that Bradley Cooper read.

To remove Drax’s makeup, a sauna was used.

The body art that turns Dave Bautista into Drax was the work of hoursand removing it was an even more complicated job, since after each day of filming the actor I had to spend some time in a sauna in order to sweat the makeup and be able to remove it more easily.

Principal’s Choice

When the Marvel Studios team read Nicole Perlman’s script for the first time, they were fascinated with the project, so they began looking for directors for the film, and among the most notorious names was that of David Yachtsknown for directing some tapes of Harry Potter; Brad BirdDirector of The Incredibles Y Rich Moorewho directed Ralph the devastating. in the end it was James Gunn who took charge of the tape to later be in charge of carrying out volume 2 and 3 of it.

James Gunn

The most famous soundtrack and the one that started a trend

The film’s soundtrack is one of hundreds of details that set it apart from other Marvel Studios titles. LThe compilation of songs is from the 60s and 70s turned her into one of the most listened to soundtracks and the most downloaded today thanks to its premiere in 2014. In turn, the soundtrack of this tape started a trend of using popular songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s to present characters in different films.

the kite

Peter Quill’s spaceship design is YoInspired by the Bell Aircraft X-1 rocket plane flown by Chuck Yeager. For its creation it took 14 weeks to build a double level set. Charles Wood and his team followed director James Gunn’s instructions so that Quill’s environment would remind him of planet Earth. and had a tangible, mechanical look, with chrome and leather, and inspired by an American look of the 50s and 60s.


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