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Jaime Maussan requests a hearing before the Chamber of Deputies to discuss the UFO phenomenon

The expert on the UFO phenomenon Jaime Maussan met with the deputy Sergio Gutierrez Luna to request a hearing before the Chamber of Deputies in order to expose “novel approaches on unidentified aerial phenomena”.

The official took it upon himself to share a video with fragments of this meeting on his Twitter account, and to said recording he added the following message:

“In the Chamber of Deputies, all voices are heard. Jaime Maussan asked us for an audience to make us a novel approach on unidentified aerial phenomena that has occurred in other Congresses of the world and recently in the US Congress. We will be reporting.”

Jaime Maussan: “I never lied, I always told the truth and today it is being shown”

The journalist also shared the news of his meeting with Gutiérrez Luna on the social network: “MMexico will begin its process in the first stages with the aim of holding its own Public Hearing in the Congress of the Union regarding the presence of non-human technology in our airspace, just as the US has done,” he wrote.

In addition, Maussan showed a fragment of his talk with the deputy to request the audience.

Gutiérrez Luna first commented: “I think it is always important to analyze this. I think that these issues should be heard in the Chamber, obviously if they are issues of an audience it is always possible to have a reflection on it. What should be done, Jaime, is to draw a line of what is expected or what would be the purpose of the meeting, for what, with what objective”.

The purpose without a doubt should be to create an investigation office, a department, I don’t know what you want to call it, where the military, scientists and civil society participate in order to investigate the cases that are occurring in Mexico.given that this is a situation that is developing in many other countries in the world, for example: Brazil, Canada, Japan”, Jaime explained about the objective of his audience.

“The Congresses of these countries have already given their consent for this to happen, because it is evident that we are being visited. Thanks to the fact that the United States pilots had private interviews with congressmen and exposed all their experiences, this changed”, added the expert on the UFO phenomenon.


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