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Jaime Camil talks about ‘The King, Vicente Fernández’; “we show the human being”

Jaime Camil will show the most human side of ‘The Charro of Huentitan’in a biography completely authorized by the family, so from today it will be possible to see Netflix: The King, Vicente Fernandez.

From the hand of the Colombian company Caracol Televisión, the start of this transmission was announced, which first came to Colombia and now to our country, to show the ups and downs of the famous ranchero and regional Mexican singer and a more personal vision.

“We wanted everything to be very human, to connect with the public starting with Vicente not parallel, to make an artistic interpretation and above all, as in the series that has a non-linear narrative; the important thing is that we work a lot with our acting coach, Monica Jimenez. The idea was that there would be homogeneity with the four Vincents, the young and adult, in the same character. Personally, it was that, always stay away from imitation, ”Camil explained at a press conference.

“We wanted it not to be a parody or a caricature, because that’s what comedians are for; we wanted to portray that human who really maintained the connection with the audience”, he added.

The actor, whom we have seen in series like Jane The Virgin, and in musicals, such as Chicago on Broadway, he returns to television in Spanish and shared that he only lived with Chente once, but he did not talk much with him; but she met him through a deep investigation with interviews, videos, newspapers, to better realize her character.

“We watched hours and hours on YouTube, of what was available in an intimate setting, but not like in concerts, I mean interviews with Ricardo Rocha and Verónica Castro; that is the Vicente that was important for me to understand and grasp his traits, his essence, what I could takeCamil highlighted.

The series is a drama and 98% of Vicente and his family’s intimate situations take place within it, so it was important to know what was within our reach, the tools that were in us as actors”.

They bring Chente to life

The actors who bring Chente to life at different stages of his life are Kaled Acab, Sebastián García and Sebastián Dante.

The cast

The story has 380 characters played by Regina Pavón, Odiseo Bichir, Raúl Sandoval and Natalia Jiménez, among others.

The Filmation

Marcela Guirado gives life to Doña Cuquita and Gaby Espino is the journalist always present in Don Chente’s life.


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