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Jaime Camil reveals that his father did not want him to be an actor; “he was a titan”

Jaime Camil just released the bioseries The king, Vicente Fernandez, which is available on the Netflix platform from this September 14. In the midst of promoting his new project, the actor spoke for the first time about how his father’s health deteriorated, Jaime Camil Heron, the months prior to his death, which occurred at the end of 2020.

In an interview for the show First hand, the singer and actor pointed out that his father’s teachings were fundamental for his vocational training.

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He imprinted on me this respect for all human beings, respect for work, for punctuality, for being on time, for doing things well, for trying to be excellent.and it’s definitely a mark on my personality,” said Jaime Camil.

The 49-year-old actor revealed that initially his father did not agree with him dedicating himself to the entertainment world.

“I always knew who I was and I always knew my work, what he was going to give me, the desire I had and how my father opposed it when I told him I wanted to be an artist or follow the world of artisteada.”

Jaime Camil talks about the last days of his father’s life

The protagonist of the series Jane the Virgin mentioned that the businessman died of Sepsis is the body’s life-threatening reaction to an infection.

“He had septic shock, which is when several major organs in the body fail at the same time because… well, you know, my dad was larger than life, that is, he would enter a room and everyone would turn around, he was an energy, he was a titan“.

He added that health problems were also diminishing his father’s spirits.

“We did not know anyone in the family who already had several medical catastrophes. It was larger than life itself and I think that within this sadness that gave him or depression that gave him that he was seeing that his body and his integrity was deteriorating I think That had a very strong impact on him.”


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