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Jaime Camil breaks the silence about comparisons with Pablo Montero for playing Vicente Fernández

Jaime Camil breaks the silence and exclusively for MULTIMEDIA spoke of the comparisons that have been generated between him and Pablo Montero for playing Vicente Fernández in their respective biographical series.

– With Mr. Vicente Fernandez, there may be other characters with whom you can also compare, Does it bother you to be compared to this other character (Pablo Montero)?

“No, not at all.”

– What bothers you? even say the comparisons?

“No, not at all, our objective and concentration is in our series, our process, in our ethical and moral procedure of how the connection with Caracol and Vicente was, how they respected this process […] a series of this magnitude, which represents a character of the size of Vicente, requires meticulous, respectful work, 2 years of preparation, listening to personal anecdotes, you can’t do it when it goes, you can’t take it out because you It happened, it has to be done with the weight that is required to make a project like this, our concern is in our series and making our interpretation and our process”.

The also singer, assured that at no time did he hesitate to accept interpreting Vicente Fernández, Well, he knew that it would be another professional challenge for his career.

“The magnitude that Don Vicente has is unrepeatable and immeasurable, but you have to do it without fear, because if you put on these psychological fears and this weight so great that it falls on your shoulders, it can interfere with the creative process that we actors have to connect. sincerely with the public and create a real character.”

In addition, he denied that Vicente himself was the one who chose him to interpret it, He commented that it was a process carried out by the Caracol Televisión company and that the Fernández family accepted.

“They present to the family the proposed cast for the series, the ‘Cucas’, the Vicentes, whatever, and of course the family gives us a vote of confidence and tells us, of course, go ahead, I agree with the cast” .

Despite being a great friend of Alejandro, Gerardo and Vicente Fernández, revealed that he has not had the opportunity to talk with them about this project, he will wait until this weekend in Las Vegas to meet with The foal and to be able to share their points of view.

“I spoke with Gerardo a little, with Vicente and with Alejandro, I’m going to see him the weekend in the fight of The cinnamon, because we are going to support my brother Saúl, it is an important fight for him, so I am going to be there, Alejandro is going to be there singing, but I am going to see me there foal adored and we will be able to talk about the 9 months that we have not been able to talk.

To conclude, he commented that his father, the businessman Jaime Camil, it was not known that he would play Vicente Fernándezbefore he passed away, but he thinks he would be very proud of what he achieved with this performance.

“Hell, he didn’t know, I would have given him a treat, you don’t know how, the pleasure I would have given him, but this project helped me a lot, why, there are similarities, my dad was from Torreón, Vicente de Jalisco, but I think There are many similarities between these two men from the ranch, who come from the province, it was very emotional, you must know that the project is full of magic, many times in script reading we had to stop to cry and process what was happening”.


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