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Jada Pinkett-Smith Shows Alopecia Hair Loss Line: “I Can Only Laugh” – Watch

Jada Pinkett-Smith

The actress also announced how she plans to spruce up her hair loss line, and that includes rhinestones.

A little alopecia won’t bother Jada Pinkett Smith! The 50-year-old actress admitted her latest hair loss was going to be harder to hide than some of her previous struggles with the disease, which causes hair loss. She posted a video on her Instagram Tuesday, December 28, showing off her gorgeous shaved head, but pointed out a distinctive line of her alopecia.

Matrix resurrections The star laughed at the latest development of her alopecia, as she filmed herself in close-up, pointing the camera right on top of her head. “At this point, I can only laugh. You all know I’ve struggled with alopecia, and all of a sudden one day look at that line here, ”she said, pointing straight at the seemingly new line in her hair. “It just appeared like that.”

Jada joked about the need for a closer shave in the caption. “Mom is going to have to get it down to the scalp so nobody thinks she’s had brain surgery or something,” she wrote, but again, she noted that she was not minded by the loss and embraced her. “Me and this alopecia are going to be friends.” In the video, she also said she wanted to be candid about it to avoid being questioned. “It’s going to be a little harder for me to hide. So I thought I would share it. So you don’t ask any questions, ”she explained.

Before the end of the video, the Gotham The star showed she has a few ideas for dressing up the missing hairline, including kissing the queen that she is. “You know, mom is going to put some rhinestones on it. I’m going to make myself a little crown. That’s what mom is going to do, ”Jada explained.

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Jada showed off her latest alopecia update on Instagram. (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

Jada made her debut with her head shaved in July. The actress had, according to her, been inspired by her daughter, rocker Willow Smith, 21, in an episode of his show Red table talk. Willow had shaved her head during a live concert, while recalling her viral song “Whip My Hair”.

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