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J.Lo sings for loneliness

J.Lo sings for loneliness

“Cambia El Paso”, new single by Jennifer Lopez

MIAMI (EFE) .- Jennifer Lopez yesterday launched her new song “Cambia El Paso,” a collaboration with Raw Alejandro in which she sings for loneliness and gives a clear indication that she is dating her ex-partner Alex Rodriguez. What was the reason for the failure of the relationship.

The song, which mixes the rhythms of reggaeton and “Afrobeat” with a touch of R&B and a sluggish “dancehall”, appears to be a sort of musical picture taken in the first weeks after the break, which the artist claims is “tango”. ” for a dance she can do alone, so she “changes the tempo”.

Meanwhile, Raw Alejandro explains what caused the failure of the relationship.

He “went outside the norms he had set,” sings the Puerto Rican artist, who had nearly 42 million followers on Spotify yesterday and became the fourth most-listened singer on stage with his hit “Todo de Ti” are.

“Change the Step” comes late in the personal life of Jennifer Lopez, which was captured by photographers on a weekend walk through a California theme park with her current partner, actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck, and their two children. .

However, its aboriginal rhythmic premise keeps it perfectly in trend for summer music, with a fusion of Caribbean sounds with Africans, as Jay Balvin did with Skrillex in “In da Ghetto”. .

Jennifer Lopez’s song was released yesterday along with an erotic music video filmed in Miami under the direction of Dominican Jesse Terrero and his company Cinema Giants.

Terrero’s portfolio includes the series “El Ganador” about the story of Nicky Jam and “Bravas”, a fictional series about the world of urban music in Puerto Rico.

The collaboration with JLo represents a new milestone in the career of Raw Alejandro, who released his album “Viceversa” two weeks earlier and is already “Dance with Me” with Selena Gomez and “With Luis Fonsi”. They have collaborated on the song “Vasio” throughout their history.

The “All of Me” video features a special appearance by American basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and was recorded at a roller skating rink owned by an NBA star outside Atlanta.

In addition to “Change the Step”, Jennifer Lopez is preparing for the premiere of her film “Marry Me” with Owen Wilson and Maluma in February 2022.