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J Balvin shares photos with his son: “For a walk with the kid”

reggaeton J Balvin He shared a series of photos through social networks in which he is seen taking a walk with his son, thus causing a great reaction among Internet users.

Balvin, one of the most important figures in reggaeton, has also become famous for his posts on social networks: a few days ago he surprised everyone by sharing some images in which he is seen in the company of Pope Francis.

Currently, after launching his new tennis collection with Nike and the music video for the song Bellaconyou have taken a moment to enjoy life with your son.

J Balvin and his son Rio

J Balvin’s baby was born in 2021, as a result of his relationship with the model Valentina Ferrer, who broke the news through a post on Instagram.

With more than a year, Rio has won the hearts of all the followers of J Balvin and Valentina, who sometimes share photos in which they can be seen spending time with Rio.

The most recent photos of Rio were shared on J Balvin’s Instagram, where he has more than 52 million followers, in which Balvin is seen carrying his son, for his part, the reggaeton player wears a gray shirt accompanied by a Bermuda shorts and tennis shoes, while her son has overalls and a Los Angeles T-shirt.

“For a walk with the kid,” Balvin commented.

Various entertainment figures have reacted to the photographs, among which are the Puerto Rican’s wife, the youtuber Sebastián Villalobos and the producer Tainy, who reacted in a good way to see J Balvin spending time with his son.

“Your son is carved by the same angels, just as beautiful as you,” said a follower.


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