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Ivonne Montero attacks Laura Bozzo: “Human misery”

Yvonne Montero was established as the winner of the second season of the reality show the house of the famous after spending several weeks locked up with other celebrities with whom he starred in strong fights, such is the case of Laura Bozzo.

It stands out that this enmity is kept out of the program, because in an interview for First Hand, the Mexican actress attacked the Peruvian host: “I am very surprised to have met her, I never imagined she would have…and I mean it from the heart, that poverty of soul, that human misery”.

The day that Salvador Zerboni confessed that he suffers from intermittent explosive disorder: “I went to therapy since I was 4 years old”

He is a very aggressive person. It is very hurtful, it does not measure its words, it is very changeable, ”he added.

Montero pointed out that within the program “every time I received his apologies because that’s how I am, and he spoke to me again, he spoke to him again, he asked me to do her makeup, but the moment I could, it went to the jugular again”.

“I understood what his modus operanditurned out to be one of the most strategic because she knew that this worked for her: attack, talk shit about each of us trying to dominate the public, that you cannot manipulate the public because it is the most accurate, the most intelligent and the most legitimate; he is the one who loves you or hates you, ”said Montero.

The famous reiterated that Laura Bozzo “he was very hurtful to me. I accept her apology, but she is one of the people I would not like to live with or see again.”

He also commented on Daniella Navarro: “Here there was a fight between women and women; well they say out there that there is no more enemy of a woman than another woman. And I felt that, I felt that there was courage, rage towards me.”

“With so much attack on my person and me putting up with the rod, people began to wrap me up, people began to practice that empathy that stopped happening inside the house. People began to wrap me up, love me, listen to me”, reflected the actress.

Finally, Ivonne Montero stated: “I have a great responsibility as a public image with my person of leave a positive mark and not say: ‘Misery of soul, stupidity’”.


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