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“I’ve never seen her”: Actress of ‘Yo soy Betty la Fea’ reveals secrets of filming

Broadcast in more than 180 countries and translated into 25 languages, ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’ is considered since 2010 as the most successful soap opera of all time by the Guinness World Record; In addition, 28 nations around the world made adaptations of the original story by writer Fernando Gaytán.

Almost 23 years after its premiere, Colombian production retains its popularity, as well as secrets and mythsof which some were revealed by Natalia Ramírez, also known as Marcela Valencia.

‘Marcela Valencia’ reveals secrets of the telenovela

Natalia is in Mexico as part of the promotion of the play in which she acts Along with Lorna Cepeda and Julio César, Patricia Fernández and Freddy in the telenovela. Thus went to the radio program ‘The Wayfarer’, of Exa FM, where he shared a couple of data that had never been exposed.

The script was canned for five years

The soap opera was written five years before the start of recordingsthis because during all that time the channel refused to accept and bet on the story, which they considered could be a failure. It was not until Colombia went through the transition process between public and private television that the project was authorized.

The goal was invest in a cheap production that does not involve large budgets, which would contribute to the investment in previously repeaters in RCN.

“It was the perfect time to do a low-cost novel that if it didn’t work, not much happened”, he commented.

They ran out of reserve material

Due to the unexpected success that led them to record for more than two and a half years, the air reached themnamely, they ran out of backup material to broadcastso it was recorded and broadcast almost on the same day, this led countries like Chile and Argentina to stop repeating it for at least two months.

The character of Macerla Valencia came out a few days before the end, which is why she does not appear in the last chapters, the same ones in which the singers Armando Manzanero and Ricardo Montaner performedwhich led Natalia to attend the forum, even though I no longer had a call or justification to be on the site.

“At least I wanted to say hello (…) It was super nice, very nice things happened”, he assured.

Ugly Betty has never seen

Finally, Natalia shared that she has never seen “Betty la Fea”, before this the drivers were surprised. According to the actress, because they never left the forums, it was impossible for them to enjoy the novel, so to date she has only seen a few scenes or chapters.

“Incredible, I have not seen her, I have not seen Betty, none of us in fact,” he concluded.


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