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“I’ve never hurt anyone”


MEXICO.- “I’ve never been a bad person, I’ve never hurt anyone with intent, on the contrary, I believe I’m transparent and honest, so much so that sometimes it’s a problem,” they They say yesstop In the letter she allegedly wrote to her boyfriend from jail Santa Martha Acatitla, Linked to a process for child pornography.

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through social networks, Gerardo Gonzalez, youtuber’s boyfriend published some stories where he assured that he visited Yoseline Hoffman to bring you cornbread.

Yostop Letter From Prison
Photo: Yostop’s letter from prison

She explains that she is sad because her situation is “absolute and disproportionate injustice”.

Yostop Letter From Prison
Photo: Yostop’s letter from prison

“I know you’ll have to put up with a stick, I know it’ll be resolved, but when? How long? What will happen in my absence? I don’t know… How much is enough? I don’t know,” it reads in the post which was purportedly written by the content creator.

Yostop Letter From Prison
Photo: Yostop’s letter from prison

“I’m not a bad person”

“I have many faults and areas of opportunity, but I have never been a bad person, I have never hurt anyone with intent, on the contrary, I believe that I am transparent and honest, sometimes- Sometimes it’s a problem. They say life isn’t unfair, what do you think?” he says.

Yostop Case

A judge from Mexico City’s Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) has joined the YosStop process, which is being investigated for offenses of child pornography. In addition, he explained that because of the possibility that the young woman may avoid the action of justice, adding the fact that the offense charged against her is considered serious, she ordered that the informal measure of preventive detention be maintained for the time being, therefore who will remain in jail Santa Martha Acatitla, And in the same hearing, a period of two months was set for the conclusion of the supplementary inquiry.

Why was Yostop arrested?

The young woman was arrested after Ainara condemned YouTube for sharing a video on her social network in which the victim – who was then 16 – was raped by four youths, a fact she, her family and as his defense Violation of human rights by exposing the privacy of the victim. However, it is shocking that while the YouTuber is in jail, the investigating officers do not know his whereabouts.

Regarding this case, the capital prosecutor’s office explained that Yoselin was involved in the “N” process when the social representative presented evidence that made it possible to establish that the accused had committed the offense of child pornography to the detriment of a minor.

It is based on evidence presented by an agent of the public ministry, provided for in paragraph 187, third paragraph of the Penal Code for the Federal District.

It should be noted that the above offense is prosecuted ex officio. According to the investigation, Yoseline “Ann” published a video in which it appears Ainara “Ann”, 16 years old, While at a party several youths were being sexually assaulted.

The investigation indicated that the affected individual promoted and stored videographic material on his social network. In 2018, Ainara “N” was sexually assaulted and the video reached the hands of a YouTuber who reproduced the material, also made a video for her followers miserable generation, Where he started abusing the victim. The minor condemned those who raped her last March, identified as Carlos, Julian, Axel, Nicolas and Patricio, as minors and have so far not been arrested.

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